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Comment Re:Grow up. (Score 1) 448

and I'm not sure it's any more useful than a public LDAP server (and in many ways it's less useful, since there's no way to export info from FB, or integrate it with your email client/phone/etc.)

My HTC Android will let me integrate my Facebook contacts and any numbers they list on the info section with my phones contacts, and much more. (pictures, birthdays, events, updates, etc)

Comment No high school, great job. (Score 1) 349

Never finished high school but have a great job as a FE working on critical machines in many different data centers..

Most of the admins I meet that just came out of school are close to useless, they don't learn anything new and just try to pass the blame on to another tech who is even more confused and frustrated. When something breaks most of them will hide and get as far away from the situation as possible.

Before I started working with these people I honestly thought everyone in the business was just like me and was genuinely interested in learning about technology.

Oh well, more job security for me.

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