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Comment about time (Score 1) 371

It's not just Apple, MS, etc. either.

We get ripped off on most things here. Rear tyres for my car - US price: $300/each. Local price? $900 each. Computer stuff is generally more expensive in terms of AU vs US dollars by a factor of 1.5 or more. Our dollar is currently above parity...

Fuel is about $1.50 per litre. A coffee from a cafe is about $5. A subway 11" long sandwich is about $6-7.

Comment Re:Seriusly? (Score 1) 91

Firefox, Chrome and Opera have their own issues. Firefox has issues with multiple levels of proxy chaining in certain environments. IE security can be managed via filtering proxies, security zones, UAC, etc. Incompatibility between other browser and business apps often can not.

Comment Re:Google does whatever it does (Score 1) 187

You don't have to be in a grey market. I'll give you my example. We are an international mining contractor based in Australia. If we host our stuff "in the cloud" - what legal juristdiction applies? Where do we stand with regards to data retention legal requirements if the cloud provider has a massive disaster and can not recover from backup (as has happened over east to a cloud provider in this country?

Where do we stand with regards to foreign corporations via governments in dubious places (e.g., DRC, Mali, etc. where we currently have operations) potentially gaining access to our data for the entire group which may not be applicable to our company in other countries?

Just because some businesses are currently running on Google, doesn't necessarily mean it's a smart idea. Plenty of businesses are still running IE6 on Windows XP, too.

Comment Re:We don't reject, but we send some "helpful info (Score 1) 187

Put it this way - in an ideal world, I agree with your premise. But the reality is that people expect email to work, and don't care WHY it failed. The fact that you bounced their legitimate correspondence is unacceptable to the business side of the company. The one that brings IN money.

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