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Comment Only learn by doing, but getting started is hard (Score 1) 247

I think you can only learn by doing. I think I can empathise with struggling to learn programming. I only took the beginning programming class in collage only 4 times. Then I got a perfect score last time I took it, because I found an aid to help me get started coding. I very grateful for Nick Parlante, his lectures suck for beginners, but he made the free website were you can interactively get started on guided coding exercises. He only has it for Java and Python. I would recommend learning Python before other languages. Then I recommend to find a simple project that is interesting to you and keep going until you can figure out how to finish it.

Comment Diversity in knowlege is pretty usefull (Score 0) 221

Knowing other ways to communicate or approach things is very useful. My boss once questioned my interest in Linux was hindering my abilities in Windows. I pointed out that I was often figured out different approaches to solve a problem when my coworkers got stuck because of my knowledge of Linux. He didn't question my interest in Linux again. I'm sure diversity in doing things instead of single mindedness is nearly always valuable.

Comment Consumer Laptops are disposible (Score 1) 732

If you want reliability, I would recommend a Panasonic Toughbook. I first hand know they have very few electronic failures (2 out of about 500) and can take lots of physical abuse too. The cheap consumer laptops often die within 3 years because they try to save $2 by not sourcing decent capacitors on the motherboards. Even if you replace the motherboard your self it is still $250 or more from the manufacturer. Those models often all have motherboard issues on Ebay too. Then it is at lest $100 in labor to hire someone smart and patient enough to do a good job. At lest I think you should charge $100 to $150 if one is good at laptop motherboard replacement. I repaired a DC plug once, but never a motherboard because the estimate is always too much. The customer will just buy another disposable laptop.

Comment Gamer Windows (Score 1) 233

I wondered why Microsoft never makes a gamer edition of Windows. It could be a cut down not include all the libraries and services that games never use. They could put a light weight 10 foot interface on it, maybe even the Xbox interface on it. It would use less RAM and probably even play the games faster. I guess it would compete with Xbox, but Xbox hardware is not a money maker. They could make money with a logo program or a built-in app store.

Comment Re:Looks nice (Score 2) 48

Apparently, it will be soon available at Amazon, but for now you can buy it here. The money would go to Lydia Pintscher, who has been actively involved in FOSS since 1990, and in recent years KDE. So pretty sure it will get poured into OSS development.

IMHO though, it would probably just be better to directly send donations, bug reports and patches to your favourite open source projects. :)

I you expect me to believe that Lydia Pintcher has been involved in FOSS since she was 5 or 6 years old?

Comment FreeDOS is in frequent use (Score 1) 266

I just used SSD firmware update CD, it used FreeDOS. I see it used all the time for firmware updates and hard drive checking tools. Just last week I used Seagate's Seatools to check a drive. After the Windows version found a problem it instructed me to check it again with their Dos based disk. Dos is still actively and preferably used for tools that need low level hardware access.

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