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Comment Re:Science is the antithesis of religion... (Score 1) 528

Looks like most scientists don't agree with you.

Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.
Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances.

Congratulations though, you have attained that which you thought would be very difficult. You have become more wrong, in fact, than I was.

Comment Re:dental insurance ? (Score 1) 472

I had varying success. Some nurses would agree to it, but they would tell me when to administer it to my wife. They would also document it on the computer. Other nurses were not so inclined. I hate to see what a pill costs from the hospital. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough once the bills start rolling in. On a side note, when you change insurance companies, don't take some jerks word for it that they have the new information on file. Those dirty jerks billed the old insurance who quickly denied it. Sad thing is the old insurance is the new insurance, just new account numbers. Yet they can't pay the charges because that would be insurance fraud! So now I have to call every jerk doctor who wants to get paid and have them resubmit the bill.

Comment Re:Science is the antithesis of religion... (Score 1) 528

When one asks himself a question that he already has an answer for, he shouldn't be surprised when he answers it the way that he does. This doesn't mean that the person was right...Only that they weren't really interested in finding answers as much as convincing themselves that the answer they already had was right. This applies equally to Christians, Athiests, and any other religion.

Comment Re:Science is the antithesis of religion... (Score 1) 528

I believe in a personal God, and I also believe that the entire argument over evolution/creation is pointless. Scientists can go ahead and believe that something came from nothing, an act that they cannot repeat, observe, study, or otherwise touch. Christians can go on believing that something came from nothing because God willed it to happen, an act that they must have faith in. Quite frankly, to a casual observer, both ideas are just as absurd. Scientists have faith in the fact that there are laws and truths in nature. Christians believe there are laws and truths in nature because God willed it to happen. The two ideas are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Just as there are scientists who have left Christianity because of science, there are scientists who came to Christ because of science. Sounds like being a scientist has about as much of an effect on your religious beliefs as just about every profession in the world (including being a pastor).

Comment Re:dental insurance ? (Score 1) 472

Have you ever tried to use your own pills when you are staying in the hospital? They about flipped out when I tried to do that with my wife. She was on some regular daily meds, and I figured it would be better to just take them then have the nurses have to get and charge us for said meds. You'd have thought I had declared war on the hospital by the reaction I got.

Comment Re:dental insurance ? (Score 2) 472

You obviously have never seen a bill for braces. :-) Having said that, my premiums for dental insurance are around $80 a year for my entire family. It covers most routine things at 90-100%. The annoying part is that it costs my employer $1620 for their portion of the bill. Now, if you asked me if I'd like $1700 cash every year, or if I'd like dental insurance, I would decline the dental insurance. Unfortunately, my employer gives a whopping $100 refund if you choose to not get dental insurance. So the way I look at it is, do I pay $180 ($100 refund + $80 premium) for dental insurance, or do I pay for dental out of pocket? Two people getting two cleanings a year would probably cost over that. Add in an X-Ray, and you're way over. Forget about it if you need major work (fillings/crowns/etc). My last job charged $720 a year in premiums and had significantly worse coverage. I declined that coverage.

If the USA ever wants to fix the health care system, part of that will require companies giving people cash in leu of benefits. Between my company and I, my health coverage costs $13,300 a year. That is a ridiculously high amount to pay. I would gladly tweak my plan to make it more economical if it was an option. For instance, I'd take a high deductible plan or a catastrophic plan. My wife was in the hospital for almost two weeks last December. I need insurance for things like that. I don't need insurance to cover a runny nose. If I could tailor a plan to meet my needs, I could potentially save thousands a year. Heck, if I just put my wife on a full plan, and then put myself on a catastrophic plan, I could save tons. How much will my employer pay me if I decline health insurance? $50 a paycheck or $1300 a year. I pay $2000 of the $13,300, so if I dropped my coverage, I'd save $3300 a year. When I did looking, I was able to find pretty good coverage for a lot less than $13,300, but it cost significantly more than $3,300. If my employer would empower me to save money, I would. Especially if I got to pocket it.

Sorry for the rant. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes people make bad financial decisions because they aren't in control of all of the money being spent. If I have to choose between me spending $50 or my company spending $500, I will take the company spending $500 every time. My money is worth more to me than my companies money is. Having said that, if I could choose to save money for my employer, I would do that to. I had opportunities with my last employer to fly first class to South America. Ticket prices were around $8,000 more to fly first class than to sit in the back of the plane. My company wouldn't have cared. I wouldn't have been punished for doing so. Yet I still chose to sit in the back of the plane, because I wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing that my seat cost $8000 more than it needed to. Now, if my choice was to spend $50 of my own money to sit in the back, or $8,000 of the companies money to sit in the front...that would have been a tough decision.

Comment Re:IANAL (Score 3, Funny) 305

I used that software. After the birth of my first son, I tried to contact you, but I was unable to. Now that I've found you, you can take delivery of my son. I'm also going to have to charge you for 5 years of back child support. I mean, he was your property that I took care of after all. I am due compensation. I'm sure the court will side with me after reading the TOS that you published.

Comment Re:Who knows, I'm not a lawyer... (Score 1) 305

If the INI file hold proprietary data that CCleaner generates, than they may have some merit in their case. Having said that, what kind of an idiot would put proprietary data in an unecrypted ini file, and then have the balls to bitch about it when someone uses said file? I mean, really guys? You couldn't at least obfuscate it or something?

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