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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 664

Currently, I wondering if I should really take the Karma hit. Is there a way my Karma hit can go to starving orphans or something? Starving orphans that need Apple products?

What Karma hit? You played the "I'm gonna take a Karma hit" card. That guarantees positive moderation.

I'm gonna take a karma hit for this. DRM is the best thing to ever happen to the music industry, flawlessly implemented and allowing the restriction of P2P networks even if anyone with any knowledge of computing can get around it in a second, to cite Job's himself, if it can be streamed it can be re-recorded through analog means. Therefore piracy in the industry is bound to remain rampant, the only cure for this is of course more DRM, not innovation and encouraging people not to pirate, as no one who loves music could possibly be trustworthy. I'm just testing the theory.

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