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Comment Re:Applications Don't Matter Anymore (Score 1) 1091

If I was able I would never install another OS outside of linux, but alas, I am not. There isn't a DAW (like Logic or ProTools) for linux. There just isn't. There probably never will be, what with the massive amount of varied hardware and plugin support necessary, and regardless, all my clients send me .ptx files. Applications still matter. Everything is not "moving to the browser" just yet. Word processing, perhaps. Games, why not. Pro audio/video? Not in this decade.

Comment Re:HotS (Score 1) 435

I am physically incapable of not saying SOMETHING here. Starcraft + Brood War is 20 dollars now, probably 10 used, and brand new was 40. That's six campaigns, count them, SIX. Not to mention that it was a traditional game that came on a physical CD, and one that let you LAN with a singly key. To break it down, 33% less got you at LEAST three times the campagin play of Wings of Liberty and 8 player local multiplayer for no extra charge. Did I mention that the storyline/cutscenes/characters in SC1 blew apart their replacements in Wings of Liberty? Yeah, they did. With a damn arclite shock cannon.

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