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Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 395

Education? Your own private schools have been proven more financially efficient. Millitary? Well they could stand a (10x) budget cut. Fire service? Run by insurance companies as co-op. Police? Security firms come running faster when your home alarm goes off than police. Cut down the force so they can conveyor civil arrests to the courts. Make reasonable self-defense law and weapon regulations. Trash collection? Let the HOA/equivallent handle it with a contractor. Health service? The current insurance scheme is technically nice, only the insurance companies are noncompetitive/under-regulated. Social security? Mostly see above, with a backup plan from gov for heavy cases - proper labor regulation (in quality, not quantity) would ease the load, at the cost of corporate margins (boo-fucking-hoo!). Prisons? Need heavy reform - social reintegration, not (only) punishment. Keep them public. The rest? Keep it government.

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