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Comment Re:"The flaw" not really much of a flaw (Score 1) 152

Gaah you're right, I was mixing up SOCKS proxying with how AT&T (or was it Sprint?) was blocking some tethering apps by TTL that just bounced them through; but this is new packets so it's moot. I'm sure some kind of rate information would let them detect various protocols within SSH but I'm not too worried about that 'cause I don't use much data.

Really I just want to check my email on a device where I can actually reply to it when traveling. I have a $3/day pay-as-you-use T-Mobile contract but I've yet to try to tether with it.

Comment Re:"The flaw" not really much of a flaw (Score 2) 152

If they're using browser agent detection it sounds like a blacklist rather than a whitelist.

Any idea if this could be bypassed by SSH tunneling all your computer traffic to a computer on the other side? It would still be distinguishable from traffic that originated from your phone by looking at the TTL, but I doubt many people do this.

Comment Re:X-Com (Score 3, Informative) 357

Ditto, except MOO 1 not MOO 2 (I play it some but it's just not as good as the original).

Speaking of not as good as the original, I also still play TFTD. Tacky and unoriginal as the story may be, it has some elements I like.

BTW have you seen XComUtil? (ironically, the guy's now at BioWare): https://sites.google.com/site/stjones/xcomutil Speaking of DLC...

Also http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69341191/xenonauts/ and http://ufoai.org/wiki/index.php/News (I've played the latter, it's excellent).

Comment Re:Me too! (Score 1) 172

Most of those have merit, but I will say:

* Sun released Java for others to use. You [read: the courts] can argue about the terms of said release, but it was released for free use on computers if not phones [as if they were different...sigh...]. If Google had developed a language called Microsoft J++ that was similar and pushed it as their alternative, you would have a point. Google uses Linux too. That's what it's there for; use.

* Altavista, yahoo, etc did classical AI methods relying heavily on human labeling. Google used what we now call modern (read: statistical) AI, and did not offer paid placement [I don't recall if Yahoo/Altavista did paid placement but it was common practice back then] To a former AI researcher you might as well say that Google is unoriginal because they and Microsoft both use computers, or that the automobile is unoriginal because horse and buggy also has wheels.

* Hotmail had 2 MB quota when Gmail came out with a gig. Google's innovation was the archive, the UI, and not having to delete mail. Also not selling your email address and personal data to external spammers, keeping all their privacy invasion inside the company and being upfront about it with an [at the time] clear, easy to read privacy policy. (I once changed my language to French on the hotmail UI and suddenly most of my spam was in French...hmmm....)

Other than that, I can see your point.

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