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Comment Re:So, no current needed? (Score 1) 360

Sooo.... the obviousness of the Metric system are lost on you. Ok. I do have to ask, in what possible way does "Increment size 180 degrees between freezing and boiling. Now that makes sense." can possibly make sense? Why 180? Why not 415? 7152323? 5?
br. To this day I don't understand why the US, Libera and Burma insist on being the only Imperial holdouts... other than the obvious "Change is bad, durr!" mentality.

Comment Re:Obama's too conservative (Score 1) 688

When prohibition on alcohol ended, the only sobriety tests were roadside coordination tests and smelling someone's breath. The legalization of alcohol was still* a net positive on society. The mere fact that we haven't created a reliable marijuana impairment detector has no bearing on the fact that the war on MJ is incredibly damaging to society in almost every way.

Comment Re:Inquiring minds... (Score 1) 210

Best idea I've ever seen for this is from the Inventions of Daedelous, where he suggested a rapidly switching magnetic field to stimulate the emission of microwaves, very much like a MRI but tuned to emit a different frequency. Basically, inducing the food to emit* microwaves instead of absorbing them. Would require a dump to get rid of the microwaves to prevent re-absorbtion, but hey, details can always be worked out later...

Comment Re:At least they aren't charging... (Score 2) 89

Agreed- I would have gladly accepted a FFXI-2 reskinning of FFXI using the XIV engine, which is what I understand the original intent was. However, we got a game that practically punishes you for playing or attempting to progress.

The couple diehards I know who are still playing XIV play for about 3-4 hours a week. Compare that to your average XI session where if you weren't on for 3-4 hours a session* you were taking it easy. Or WoW, where people will spend their entire free time logged in and playing.

In my opinion, the guildleve system killed the game- I often wonder why the game even has NPCs, since 99% of them don't interact with the players in any way, except maybe for some colour. Give me a quests like any other damn MMO, not this "sorta like the WoW Dungeon Finder, but really not nearly as good due to the 48h cooldown" leve system that is the only thing to do other than grinding.

Oh, and an Auction House please. Nothing in this game demonstrates the developer's lack of understanding of their playerbase than the lack of an AH, in my opinion.

Comment Re:Handy if you don't live too far, ain't it? (Score 1) 712

Sounds like fun- I've considered that trip (east Canada through the Rockies via Via). The thing that has always bugged me about it is that Via Rail insists that to have a 'reasonable' departure time from Toronto, the schedule runs the train through the Rockies (just about the most scenic possible environment to ride a train through) AT NIGHT.

Could they just stop for an extra 30 mins at a variety of stops across Canada? Sure. Do they? Nope.

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