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Comment Re:oxymoron (Score 2) 173

...perl...cleaner code...

True, not to mention with C11 you get Unicode and much more. C resurgence as a popular language is widely quantifiable. Perl as a dying language is widely quantifiable.

Comment Re:Fresh Starts (Score 1) 642

I've always loved these thought experiments, carving up the world into new and improved political alignments. This stemmed from encountering C. Etzel Pearcy's proposed 38 State map published in the 1975 People's Almanac; his notions of a better functioning nation arising from a more equitable distribution of state alignments really had an impact on me, growing up as I did on the mostly barren east side of Oregon, and listening to my elders constantly complaining about getting shafted via taxes by the moneygrubbers in Portland/Salem/Eugene. The Almanac also featured another new map of the US, with 22 states I think; can't find any info about it at the moment though.

Also an interesting read was Joel Garreau's book The Nine Nations of North America, which was more about the cultural mass regions that make up the continent.

Grew up in Eastern Wa where the same clap trap bs stories abou being shafted by state funds reside to this day. My favorite is the present whining about not getting allocated road funds while lobbying the state to gut business taxes and eliminate individual taxes. Complete moronville.

Comment Re:Oh great. Just what I needed. (Score 1) 70

More like,"Hi there! This is Bippy, your personal interactive video helper! I see you have your pants off! Would you like me to open a Spice subscription for you? I already have all of your personal and billing information available, I just need your verbal acknowledgement."

How about, in a huskier female voice:

``Welcome to the Spice Channel Trial Package deep immersion experience. Just sit back and relax as our girls blast you off. Let us know how you like it and we'll make sure your service is uninterrupted.''

On the lower part of the screen is a Question Mark.

`Hi. My name is Bippy and welcome to your subscription to the free Spice Adult immersion experience. If any time before this free trial is over you are not happy with this service please feel free to contact me and I'll walk you through on how to cancel your subscription.''

In the lower corner in fine print, ``All subscriptions are presumed active unless otherwise specifically deselected by walking through the deactivation of subscription survey required before we remove this service from your account.''

Meanwhile, you're too busy with your pants down to notice or care until you get a bill with some interesting surcharges on your television service package, during the second month and first day after you never cancelled your free trial subscription.

Comment Re:Reality vs idealism (Score 2) 290

What exactly would you consider a better technology?

Pure HTML is nothing more than an SGML derivative, like XML, and for the use of formatting, is not bad. CSS, as a way of taking some of the ambiguity and potential for different interpretations on formatting, is also not bad. JavaScript... OK, yeah, this language could be better. It has a lot of nifty features that can do more harm than good, and is missing one or two nice features (like good type identification, rather than prototype checking, which can have quirks in different browsers).

Everything else is a non-standard and/or proprietary add-on.

Can you think of a better alternative out there that fulfills all the same needs? About the only thing I can think of doing to improve it is replace JavaScript with python (mostly to fix the missing features), Java or C# - and then tweak CSS and HTML a bit to add a few extra features.

By the way, the needs of HTML, as far as I can observe: To present data on a wide variety of systems, where presenting the data accurately is more important than minor (and even major) variances in formatting, as may be called for by the platform presenting the document(s).

Considering the Browser is written in C/C++ I think a standard Media Library fully open in C/C++ with clean hooks via HTML 5 and it's Media methodology would be just fine.

Comment Re:Been saying that...Wrong, Simply Wrong. (Score 1) 376

p>No CAT Scan, MRI or Cancer drugs would have been invented without patents to give the inventors time to make their years of investment back by a period of exclusivity.

Really? Most fundamental medical advances are created in academia, mostly with public money. Many companies just take the relatively small step to a commercial product. William H. Oldendorf would have done his pioneering work on the CAT scan, whether there was a patent system or not. Indeed, looking at his wikipedia biography, he worked in public institutions for most of his life.

Most of the companies are LLC partnerships developed by the faculties at the Universities who then hire business staff to help run their inventions. It's a synergy of public/private cooperation. Get it? The OP talking about MRI can however thank Particle Physics and Particle Accelerators for the reason MRI, CAT Scans, and the like along with thousands of other advances needed as building blocks to solve a big science idea, for their existence.

Comment Re:I get the impression that (Score 1) 180

You lost me at ``Most scientists are not programmers...'' schtick. Whether it was my Mechanical Engineering professors fluent in ADA, C, Fortran, C++ or Pascal or my EE professors in the same, to my Mathematics Professors all in the same, not a single CS Professor could hold a candle to them, unless we started dicking around with LISP, SmallTalk or VisualBasic for shits and giggles. In fact, they became proficient in these languages because they had to write custom software to model nonlinear-dynamic systems. Perhaps in the post 2000 era scientist group we have Matlab/Octave/R/Python lovers but the old school folks are hardcore in their knowledge of those languages.

Rarely does one find an expert in software development who is an expert in any Engineering, Physics or Mathematics field of research.

Comment Re:Oh Give Me a Break (Score 2) 376

It's a couple of Supply Side Neo-con economists who were against Stimulus and Pro-Austerity talking about economic equilibrium as if Economies are in a fixed sphere with a fixed about of water that given enough release of pressure we level out and stabilize. Their applications are absurdly shallow and small in scale, which is ironic for two macroeconomic theorists. The best news is that the overwhelming majority of global economists think they're full of crap.

Comment Re:Been saying that... (Score 3, Insightful) 376

There are industries where a severely limited patent system makes sense. Any industry that's too tightly regulated by government, so that barrier to entry is impossible, like pharma or telecom. Of course you could solve the same problem by pealing back the red tape as well. Competition in the free and open market is the only thing that truly breeds innovation. No free market, no competition. It's easy.

You live in a deluded fantasy that free market and zero regulation means honest brokers and business ventures. Grow up and get passed Friedman's fallacy along with Ayn Rand.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 2, Interesting) 649

No you don't. That's Keynesian nonsense. Corporations that are poorly managed need to go bankrupt and the burden should not be placed on the tax payers. Yes, some people will lose their jobs. That's called life, sometimes it happens. The worst thing you can do is paper over it just to make everyone happy. Another company that is better managed will move in to fill the void, they always do. Now that executives of major corporations know they can rely on Uncle Sam to bail them out for making big mistakes (and they won't even go to jail if they commit massive fraud like the banking scandals of the last decade), there is no incentive for them to not take big gambles and otherwise behave more recklessly than they would if there were actual consequences.

I stopped reading at the jab towards Keynes. Please can someone put a literal bullet into the ideas of non-Keynesian Economics already. Friedman's asinine approaches to economic theory are the very reason we keep dipping into recessions and if left unchecked, great depressions.

Comment Re:I'm sorry (Score 1) 96

As a Mechanical Engineer, the Computer is only valueable for data acquisition. All the knowledge comes from the Engineer's Brain and some test calculations he/she has made with their designs, all accessible from a calculator. Once the data acquistion systems are in place [from small to large scale] the next step is to write some routines whether in Matlab, Octave, or whatnot as a means of taking the data stored from the database or spreadsheet and then used to run large matrix computations over hundreds to millions of data points, depending upon the accuracy and closed system you are testing. The OP who discussed brain rot is correct.

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