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Comment Doesn't matter anyway ... at least in the states (Score 1) 822

If AGW was proven wrong tomorrow, wouldn't make a hill of beans difference. The Pols have discovered AGW is great cover for stealing hundreds of billions of dollars and gaining massive amounts of control. Modern industrialists will make millions/billions off this.

Recently heard someone describe Gore as a industrialist. This struck me odd, but come to think about it, he is little different then the robber baron industrialists of the 19th century. He is positioned to make tens of millions off the backs of the poor and middle class.

Besides, AGW is everywhere. My kid's elementary text books, the Disney Channel, the movies... everywhere. It will take a decade to remove all this stuff and a generation to de-learn it.

Comment Sleath - cloaking devices (Score 1) 244

Article in the current issue of Air and Space magazine about this sort of technology and how might be used to create cloaking devices one day.

Scientists and engineers are trying to emulate that trick by designing materials that could constitute the next-next (or next-next-next) generation of stealth. Some of their ideas sound like they sprang from the imaginations of Gene Roddenberry or J.K. Rowling, with phrases like “cloaking device” and “invisibility carpet” popping up as frequently in academic papers as in television scripts and books for kids. Other ideas are more realistic, as researchers devise ways to change an aircraft’s color and blur its outline, confusing the bad guys enough to make them shoot in the wrong direction.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 402

To make this more attractive to the Navy, the carrier's escort ships, the frigates, destroyers and cruisers all use gas turbine engines - jet engines - that burn the same fuel as the aircraft. Carriers have refueled escorts for more than 20 years. What an interesting concept. The only supply chain that would be left is ammo, parts and food. In any case, would certainly free the battle group to move faster and more independently at first need since even a nuclear powered carrier can only move as fast/far as it can refuel and supply it's escorts.

Comment Re:Cap & Trade = Energy Rationing (Score 1) 874

less natural catastrophes What? If they are man-caused (apparently because of global warming) they aren't natural, eh? The concept of human caused warming will one day go down as one of the greatest scams of all time. It was used to enrich a few (like Al Gore), increase the power of a few more (Democrats) and make a few outspoken wackos (environmentalists) feel good.

In the meantime, thousands of lost jobs, lost homes, busted up families, children forced in to lesser quality schools, reduced standard of living for everyone, prolonged recession if not complete depression and a massive increase in the misery rate.

It was a poor, poor, poor example of the joke US society has become that the media (already massively basised for this piece of crap) could only focus on the death of a odd-ball has been pop star instead of the very serious joke going in Washington that is going to help bankrupt this country and destroy the lives of our children.

Comment Re:And next up (Score 1) 467

Aged, but the primary points are the same for the future of Medicare; it is a house of cards that will fail many of us just as we need it the most. Our children will not be able to do this AND pay for all the trillions we are spending today.

Not all that 17% goes to CEOs, there are salaries for many jobs, and that advertising creates jobs too. Government doesn't create new jobs or new wealth, it can't. I guess "fair" might be the day you or I reach the point that some young kid decides we are of no value and should be put down.

I'd love to hear more examples of the government running things efficiently. Katrina? The Big Dig? Highways and bridges to no-where? Iraq? Mogadishu? (to be fair), Challenger? Columbia? If you are a bit right minded and at least honest, here is a good list, including documentation about waste in the Medicare program.

Comment Re:And next up (Score 2, Insightful) 467

And you assume the US Government can actually manage such a program? How good have they done with Social Security? Medicare? Can anyone name a US Government program to citizens the size of this that is run efficiently? The trust to those in DC to run and control our lives is nothing short of incredible, given all the complaints of the past four years.

Submission + - Biden: What's that website number?

pease1 writes: "On the CBS Early Show (video), VP Biden Forgets Name of RECOVERY.GOV: 'Do You Know The Website Number?' asking off camera staff for the URL of the website set up to track spending from the stimulus bill. The /. community repeatedly made fun of former Senator Ted Stevens for referring to "tubes". Is Biden just as out of touch? Website number?"
The Internet

UK Politician Criticised For Using Hotmail 151

nk497 writes "The UK justice secretary Jack Straw has been criticised for using Hotmail as his official government email account after he apparently fell foul of a Nigerian spammer in a phishing attack. A security researcher said using such an account not only left the government in security trouble, but meant any emails sent could not be necessarily accessed via the Freedom of Information Act."

Comment Re:As a Canadian... (Score 1) 3709

lets see, as your big brother, we'll borrow more from a country that wants to own us, tax the middle class further into poverty (how quick everyone forgets that Clinton ran on cutting taxes, but ended up raising them on the middle class), continue to ship more of our money to guys who want to kill us (that includes you, BTW) in the interest of keeping our backyard clean, further dumb down the education of our youth though unionized public schools, impose restrictions on speech, murder millions of more children, remove secret ballots in union elections, destroy the best health care system in the world along with much of the best medical research in the world, and forcefully disarm the population from ever being able to revolt again.

Yeah. Change. If I were you, I would disown this big brother and consider building a fence.

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