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Comment Re:Surely this includes the hallucinations (Score 1) 1020

Point taken, but a minor quibble.

I grant that hallucinations need not be visual only - for example, there could be aural hallucinations, hearing something that isn't there; but hallucinations are always perceptual. Since `sensing a presence' without the use of sight or hearing isn't a perceptual experience, having the feeling of euphoria can't strictly be classified as a hallucination. Yet, we can't just put it down to a person's imagination, either, since the cause of the feeling can be identified.

It's just another example where our usual linguistic notions are challenged by a special case. Interesting stuff. :)
Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Lemmings: The Complete History.

Mike Dailly explains how this iconic Amiga game evolved from a simple challenge: Could a walking man be animated in an 8x8 box?

The resulting animation, drawn in an hour over lunchtime, was funny enough to inspire one of the most involving games of all time. Lemmings was released in 1991, and has been ported to almost every computer platform in existence.

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