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Comment I will wait to decide (Score 1) 1079

Peter Watts has given his side of the story. While I believe the Border Patrol is capable of doing what he said, I don't know if I necessarily believe what he is saying is what happened. By the same token, I will take what the agents say with a grain of salt as well. I want to see the video. There should be multiple cameras that recorded that confrontation. Unfortunately depending on who is telling the truth we may never actually get to see it.

Comment Re:Modern-Day Galileo (Score 1) 1747

"I've worked 15 years in climate research, acquiring hard data"

Case in point. You are stating you are an expert but you don't even know about the inaccuracies. So either you didn't bother to even evaluate the information from the film, or you just wrote if off the list as "right-wing" tripe. Ofc there is the possibility that while you are an expert, you still don't really know shit.

Yet I'm sure it still eludes you why people have a problem with the "trust me" mantra.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 311

ISP's are required by law to address DMCA complaints so they aren't liable.

Per the DMCA: "In addition, to be eligible for any of the limitations, a service provider must meet two overall conditions: (1) it must adopt and reasonably implement a policy of
terminating in appropriate circumstances the accounts of subscribers who are repeat
infringers; and (2) it must accommodate and not interfere with âoestandard technical

You don't have to like it. I know I don't. But that's why they have policies.

Comment Re:Why so serious? (Score 4, Insightful) 210

Normally I would agree with your premise.

"Edge users are equivalent to VHS users. The technology has moved on, you need to move on or deal with slightly degraded service"

That isn't really a valid analogy. If VHS players suddenly couldn't fast forward, rewind, or record, and could only play some parts of a tape, then yeah. That's not the case here though.

  In this case there seems to be a large group of people still under thier original contracts. INAL but sounds like 1. Breach of contract (Degraded services) 2. Bait and switch (oh if you want it to actually work properly you need to upgrade to G3) 3. Fraud (Offering and contracting services you have no intention of providing - which is where the purposely degrading comes in)

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