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Comment They are still recommending antivirus! (Score 4, Informative) 449

Actually, they are still recommending the use of antivirus. Cnet quotes an Apple spokesperson saying:

The Mac is designed with built-in technologies that provide protection against malicious software and security threats right out of the box. However, since no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat, running antivirus software may offer additional protection.

Windows Vista is full of "protection", but I use antivirus on that as well. I love MacOS X, and I'm sure it's more secure, but there will be viruses and other malware on MacOS sooner or later.

By the way, isn't it ironic that Apple is still offering ClamXav for download on their own website?

Comment Re:Sea Boundaries (Score 5, Interesting) 287

A British court even ruled that Sealand was outside its jurisdiction in 1968; so according to international law, the "grandfathered in" approach might work. But since there are at most a dozen people on the platform, and no other country has recognized them, I bet the entire platform might just be used for target practice by several navy's if they are ever found to host terrorist websites...

Submission + - Has HavenCo's Data Haven shut down? (

secmartin writes: "HavenCo, the self-proclaimed data haven located on the micronation Sealand, appears to be offline. Their website is down, and there have been no announcements from either HavenCo of Sealand. HavenCo has been covered here before; it was mostly know for offering hosting of content that might be illegal in other countries. Does anyone have news about what happend to them?"

Submission + - AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file ( 2

secmartin writes: "The popular virus scanner AVG released an update yesterday that caused their software to mark user32.dll as a virus. Since this is a rather critical file, AVG's suggestion to remove this caused problems for users around the world who are now advised to restore the file through the Windows Recovery Console. So far, AVG has yet to post an update about this on their main website, but their forums are full of complaints."
The Internet

Submission + - Belgian ISP scores victory in landmark P2P case (

secmartin writes: "Belgian ISP Scarlet scored an important victory in the first major European test of copyright law. The interim decision forcing them to block transfers of copyrighted materials via P2P has been reversed, because the judge agreed with Scarlet that the measures the Belgian RIAA proposed to implement proved to be ineffective. A final decision is expected next year."

Submission + - Microsoft to release critical patch today (

secmartin writes: "According to this security bulletin, Microsoft will release an important security update later today. It will fix a vulnerability that is rated as "critical" for Windows XP, 2000 and 2003, and Important for Vista and Server 2008. There is a webcast at 1:00pm PST to answer questions about this update. The update comes ahead of the normal "patch tuesday", so this is expected to be a major vulnerability. Early information indicates that it concerns a new issue that can be exploited remotely."

Submission + - Fixing Firefox SSL-certificate warnings (

secmartin writes: "Richard Bejtlich has tested a new plugin for Firefox that can increase your security, while fixing a major annoyance. The plugin uses the Perspectives notary system that checks HTTPS-sites from different locations to make sure you are not the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack, thus improving security; as an added bonus, it gives you the option to disable those annoying SSL-certificate warnings for sites using self-signed certificates. This was one of the main complaints about Firefox 3.0, and it's good to finally see a solution for this!"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Russians claim WPA/WPA2 cracking breakthrough (

secmartin writes: "Russian security firm Elcomsoft has released software that uses Nvidia GPU's to speed up the cracking of WPA and WPA2 keys by a factor of 100. Since the software allows them to network thousands of PC's this anouncement effectively signals the death of wireless networking in business networks; any network handling sensitive data should start using VPN encryption on machines connecting over Wi-Fi networks, or stop using these networks altogether."

Submission + - Iron Man release brings down Paramount's servers (

secmartin writes: "Shortly after the release of Iron Man on blu-ray on october 1st, people started complaining of defective discs; the problem turned out to be that all Blu-ray players downloading additional content brought down Paramount's BD-Live servers, causing delays while loading the disc. Which really makes you wonder what will happen when they decide to shut down this service in a couple of years!"

Submission + - Google desperately defending the Yahoo deal (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has just launched a new site with details about their deal with Yahoo. A closer analysis shows that it provides only a very one-sided look at the "advantages" the deal is supposed to have for everybody involved.

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