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Comment Re:Please explain (Score 1) 143

You seem to be unaware how TCP/IP packets work, each packet has a limited size negotiated by the transport layer, it's quite possible for the first few packets to be sent and received, and subsequent packets to be

United Kingdom

Submission + - Pirate Party - Why Loz is standing in Manchester (

Ajehals writes: "Loz Kaye of the Pirate Party appeals to voters to overcome understandable cynicism and go for the opportunities on their own doorsteps:

During this year’s local elections, there was one thing I heard time and again from people I spoke to, whether on the doorstep, in their flats or on the street:

I don’t vote, because it doesn’t change anything.

It’s this sense of powerlessness over the forces that shape our lives and the space around us that is so worrying in Manchester and the UK today."


Submission + - MIT students reveal PopFab, a 3D printer that fits inside a briefcase ( 1

cylonlover writes: There are plenty of different 3D printers to choose from these days, from the popular Makerbot Thing-O-Matic to the budget-priced Solidoodle. These all have one drawback however in that they aren't exactly portable. Most need to be disassembled to be moved and even the fully-assembled Cubify printer isn't really built for travel. But now, two MIT students have developed the PopFab, a machine that does 3D printing and more, all while fitting inside a small suitcase. With different heads, the machine could also be used for milling, vinyl cutting, drawing, and much more, to create a wide variety of objects. The creators have also tested its portability by traveling with it as a carry-on suitcase to Saudi Arabia, Germany, and within the U.S.

Submission + - Dead Trigger Goes free on iOS as well. What is to blame this time? (

hypnosec writes: Dead Trigger, first-person shooter game for mobiles developed by Madfinger Games, has gone free on iOS as well after it was made free on Android Play Store for reasons of rampant piracy on Android. Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas might not have the same reasons to blame when it comes to iDevices. iOS piracy rates are not high as compared to Android and when it comes to putting down piracy in numbers of iOS devices, it is just about 1 per cent of all iDevices out there. The CEO said, “the number of pirates on iOS is comparable with the amount of jailbroken devices." Rabas has spoken out through an article on GameZebo and points out to quite a few things about game developers, freemium models and piracy. Rabas says that in the past developers were more into developing games than being worried about piracy and how to defend against such a menace.

Comment Re:And dont you DARE close your eyes or not listen (Score 1) 578

You see something similar on films. A cigarette burn (black circle) appears in one corner just before it's time to change reels, so the projectionist who is watching the film can go and do his job.

I thought that was what the "clack-clack-clack" noise and the screen going white was for...

Comment Re:ground effects lighting (Score 1) 691

You cannot swap plates between cars. You can however get a spare plate for a trailer, and it is not uncommon to see a trailer with a hand-written plate to match the car that is towing it. It might attract additional attention I guess, but trailers aren't vehicles in their own right over here.

Submission + - A Data Center That Looks Like A Mansion (

1sockchuck writes: A luxury homebuilder in Minnesota wants to build a data center that looks like a mansion, allowing the commercial building to fit into a residential neighborhood. The "community-based data center" designed for FiberPop features a stone facade and sloped roof with dormers, along with an underground data hall. Data centers are typically located in industrial areas in nondescript buildings providing anonymity and structural integrity. Can they work in residential areas?

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