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Comment Future Food (Score 1) 455

Enjoy new and improved - Bachelor Chow (Government Approved)
Also enjoy Mom's Chilled Non-Dairy Substitute Gel (Government Approved)
Remember if it isn't Government Approved it affects our kickbacks and your paycheck
Now back to Everyone Loves HypnoToad and eat healthy (Government Approved Healthy)

Comment Moving Target (Score 0) 566

Ghandi was for the liberation of India from the British
The Civil Rights Movement was for equal rights between races
The Vietnam movement was for the end of Vietnam
Simple direct ideas and Goals
The OWS movement seems to be against some people making too much money unless that money is union and its all xx fault while yy also makes too much money but we like yy so xx is completly to blame, NAZI, CAPITALIST, JACKBOOT, ENVIRONMENT, EVIL, CORPORATE, WALL STREET. They lack leadership, a coherant message or an understandable agenda and goal.
Wall Street is corrupt, it is the government's job to police that corruption. Why are they upset at Wall Street but not upset at their own party. This movement will be footnote by election time when the politicians distance themselves for votes, and the media grows bored.

Comment Re:They Have All Failed Us (Score 1) 954

Federal Deficit at the endy of 2009 was 419 Billion - Note lack of a T
Current federal budget deficit 14 Trillion - Note inclusion of a T
Please explain how this is all the 8 years of republican congress fault and two years of Democrat super majority does not hold any accountabiilty for the addidtional 13.5 Trillion dollars
Bush started the ball rolling, Obama put rocket boots on it. Neither deserver more tax dollars until they can stop spending.

Comment Sorta Car analogy (Score 1) 954

Your significant other has a problem with spending too much money and has a massive credit card debt and doesn't work. Your significant other asks for more money and promises to spend less, you agree. Next day you see a shiny new expensive car with a 20 year service contract in your driveway. Its explained that only one was bought instead of two so you "saved" money, and only two more will be bought next year instead of three. This goes on for years - At a certain point you realize that your significant other is a liar, cheat, and stupid so you hold on to as much money as you can and don’t give up a penny more. If you do you will lose everything as every dollar you give comes back looking like a dime after all the friends get their cut.
Instant Balance Budget (not my idea)
Pass a bill that any member of Congress/Senate serving during a deficit budget cannot run for reelection. --- Problem Solved

Comment According to the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (Score 1) 90


A Hooloovoo is a hyperintelligent shade of the colour blue.

Little is known of them, except that one participated in the construction of the starship Heart of Gold. At the launching ceremony one was temporarily refracted into a free-standing prism. This is probably analogous to the ceremonial multicoloured lab coats worn by the rest of the team.

Comment What realy happened (Score 2) 534

Earth View
They came from the sky's in giant mechanical monstrosities and targeted only humans, leaving other creatures alone. Surely its payback for our violent ways or abuse to our ecosystem. When it was over only 10% of the human race remained.

Alien View
It was Flerns first big field trip, they were going to harvest kooplas for the harna festival. Due to it being a viska year a substitute for the koopla was discovered in a primitive harva like animal. Unfortunately only about 1 out of 50,000,000 was suitable but they bred quickly. Flern vowed to find the best koopla and beat Klerv once and for all using the harvester his dad bought him for kuska day.

Comment Re:Single Player? (Score 1) 591

There will be an online Auction House to buy and sell items for real money. Cheating would break this feature. Its a new direction in gaming and one worthy of exploring,. Real currency for single player gaming. It may prove succesful and may bomb (Blizzard has the coffers to take this risk). It will be interesting to see what happens. Now if you will all excuse me I have to use the ebony wand on the kestral to get you off of my lawn.

Comment Its about real money not in game currency (Score 1) 591

Blizzard will be putting an Auction House to buy Diablo III items other people have obtained for REAL money. Since REAL money is involved there has to be a way to authenticate the virtual goods that will be auctioned. You lose the ability to play offline but obtain the ability to sell for real currency worthwhile items you obtain. This is called a tradeoff. Blizzard is betting you will vote with your dollars that it’s a worthwhile trade off. Honestly in this case DRM/Authentication should be expected as you can merchandise your virtual goods for REAL currency. If you played competitive solitaire for cash you should not be offended by an online requirement to protect against cheating. Cheating in Diablo III would break a major design feature in the game. Is this “feature” another way to line blizzards coffers – SURE, but it could also be fun mining Diablo III for cash if you had the time. I’m not sure I will purchase Diablo III simply because I was lukewarm on I and didn’t play II, However being able to auction house items for real money is an interesting addition to non MMO gaming.
Offline: Torchlite I,II Diablo I,II others
Online: with real world currency options Diablo III
See you have choices

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