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Comment Government needs to step in and realy screw it up (Score 1) 405

Government needs to step in and spend loads of tax dollars giving us an AV scanner that also checks to makes sure our MP3 and movies are licensed and paid for, this scanner also needs to allow RIAA to scan it whenever it likes to insure copyright laws are followed. /sarcasm

That way private enterprise couldn't step in and create a "PROTECT Net Service" with free AV that doesn't allow you on the network unless your protected and backend support like ironport. With trained security staff to monitor and respond to attacks and notify you when your infected. Because the extra 3-5$ a month for this service would be far more expensive then the 3-6 month visits a user makes to the geeksquad when there computer grinds to a halt.

For all the people that claim AV software is useless please show me this magical land where all the threats are 0 Day and all users are knowledgeable enough to configure their router and only browse uninfected web sights. Its not perfect but it does improve security. A lock in the door allows a thief to break a window - Doesn't mean you should leave your door open.

Comment Patently Obvious (Score 2, Insightful) 305

I believe what most people fail to consider is the people that work in the PTO are most likely wage slaves. I do not know the inner working of the patent office but if it works like any other government agency then this is a higly likely scenario. Low totem pole guy recomends it not be approved send up to middle manager, middle manager not wanting to make waves changes to approved (Last guy got reprimanded for disallowing to many patents and retired without promotion)upper management barely skims it and bang approved. The company's getting sued need to sue the patent office itself and name the signatures that signed this patent in the law suit (individuals bueracrats in agency become responsible vs large govt agency). Could also be fun class projects for law schools across the nation, Find stupid patent, Sue on potential clients behalf, injuction etc against the PTO. Most likely only way any changes will be made. Govt Agency's can take huge hits until individuals (Higher the better) start getting named and paychecks/promotion get hit.

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