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Submission + - 127 million Oracle shares vote for open source (

mjasay writes: "While seemingly a lot, 127 million shares doesn't add up to much in Oracle's world. 127,717,018 shares only account for 3.58% of Oracle's total share count. Last week ~96.5% of Oracle shareholders voted to reject a resolution that would have forced Oracle to consider the social and environmental impact of using open source. No big surprise there. But what is very interesting is how much support the resolution garnered, despite not having much visibility and certainly no support from the company itself. (Let's just say that Larry Ellison's 20%+ ownership voted elsewhere.) Jonas Kron, the Portland, Oregon-based attorney behind the resolution, had this to say: "While 3.58% may not seem like a significant number, it is a very respectable vote for a first year issue that nobody ever heard of and with no advocacy budget. These are the kinds of votes climate change proposals received years ago and now they pull in up to 30%.""
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Submission + - Massive p2p raids in Hungary, 100 servers down (

xxuaoxx writes: "A sad news came from Hungary, a country which seemed to be a very secure place in terms of peer to peer networks and filesharing. Hungarian police raided and confiscated over 100 servers, including scene top sites, private bittorrent trackers and warez forums. Affected sites include the biggest and most popular hungarian tracker bitHumen (30 000 registered users), release site nCore (which is already up though), trackers Bitlove, Independent, Moobs, Revolution and many other private FTP sites which had a connection with the scene.

full story can be read here[]"

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Journal SPAM: SOAP or XML-RPC? 8

I'm going to mess with something, using Java, and I have a choice between using soap or xml-rpc. Does it matter which I choose? This'll be a pretty simple deal.

Thanks is advance to any who have input.

Another question I've been asking today is shouldn't the oracle shutdown immediate command be changed to shutdown eventually? It really would be more accurate and temper expectations.

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