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Comment Like a computer (Score 1) 530

IQ is raw processor speed. The Voodoo visual accelerator is our imagination. Most people are still running integrated graphics, making their imagination IQ bound. Shared visual memory is efficient in low passion environments but useless for any creative work. It also helps to have sensitive inputs. Most people would not doubt the efficacy of Cherry MX switches, but are so jaded by personal experience they would not realize their thin membrane inputs have been worn to death. That's the hardware, but equally important is the software layer. You can have the greatest hardware in the world but if you run proprietary software it is of no use. Note I do not refer to the licensing scheme but rather the software's capacity for interaction.

Comment Modding system idea (Score 2) 584

I propose that it cumulatively costs mod points to mod up or down. Mod points can be accumulated from a number of different accounts working together to mod a post. E.g.

Mod is at 1 - going to cost 1 to mod it up or down Mod is at 2 - going to cost 2 to mod it 1 point up or down Mod is at 3 - going to cost 3 to mod it 1 point up or down. Mod is at 2 - going to cost 2 to mod it 1 point up or down. Mod is at 1, 0, -1 - going to cost 1 to mod it 1 point up or down.

Karma is still deducted a point at a time. Makes it much more expensive to karma bomb people. At the moment, if a post is at +5 and you want to bomb to -1, no worries, 6 accounts. Under the new system, 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15 accounts to bomb a post down to -1 from 5. GNAA, goatse etc will still only cost 1 to mod into oblivion because nobody ever takes that up to 5 in the first place. It will make factually inaccurate posts harder to mod down, but at some point you need to make a choice - what's better, factually inaccurate (which may never go away), or antisocial behaviour (karma bombing, gnaa etc)?

Comment Viable solutions (Score 1) 473

Carl Sagan said, "The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it. But the way those atoms are put together." In the same way (albeit macroscopic), humans will improve and deepen their existing relationships between each other in order to live in this new global world.

The hallmark of any system is aggregation and connection. Technology is playing a huge role in furthering these concepts. You are all witness to an amazing period in history, have a nice day.

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