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Data Storage

New DVDs For 1,000-Year Digital Storage 274

anonymous cowpie sends word of a Utah startup that is about to introduce technology for writing DVDs that can be read for 1,000 years after being stored at room temperature. (Ordinary DVDs last anywhere from 3 to 12 years, on average.) The company, Millenniata, is said to be in the final stages of negotiation with Phillips over patent licensing and plans to begin manufacture in September. 1,000-year "M-ARC Discs" are expected to retail for $25-$30 at first, with the price coming down with volume. "Dubbed the Millennial Disk, it looks virtually identical to a regular DVD, but it's special. Layers of hard, 'persistent' materials (the exact composition is a trade secret) are laid down on a plastic carrier, and digital information is literally carved in with an enhanced laser using the company's Millennial Writer, a sort of beefed-up DVD burner. Once cut, the disk can be read by an ordinary DVD reader on your computer."
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Best 2+ Player Games?

Twinbee writes: "I was wondering what you lot would consider the best 2+ player games of all time. Apart from games for mixed skill players, this has never been asked on Slashdot before, so it would be interesting to see. From my own experience and research, it looks as though a top 50 would include games such as Streetfighter 2, World of Warcraft, Speedball 2, Super Mario Kart, SWIV, Ikaruga, Stunt Car Racer, Super Monkey Ball, Puzzle Fighter, and Mario Party. Whether they are competitive or cooperative, Slippery slope or Perpetual comeback, 2-player or multiplayer, retro or cutting edge, I want to hear them! I would prefer MMOG games not to be included, unless there is a good deal of interaction between the people in the 'same house' (e.g. perhaps they can team up and play against the world)."

Journal Journal: Tivo Online

Looks like Tivo offers Apple's iTV a health dose of competition.


In its ongoing bid to be a central conduit of media, TiVo Inc. plans to broaden its digital video recording service later this year so users of its set-top boxes can download videos from the Internet and watch them from their television sets.

Comment Re:Interesting question (Score 1) 274

I've used a cafe on the Dutch side, and while the machines were pretty infected with spyware, it looked more like neglect than actual malicious intent on the part of the operators. As usual, I changed passwords before leaving on the trip and after returning, and didn't log into anything important or sensitive while there.

Finding a Disappearing Application in Windows? 204

siuengr asks: "I have a computer that has a window that pops up every few minutes, but disappears before I can figure out what it is. I have run every virus program and spybot cleaner I have, but they do not find any problems. How can I figure what is causing this window to pop-up all the time, when it doesn't stick around long enough to see anything about it? Is there any software that tracks what applications have ran over a period of time, even if they are not currently running?"

The Diebold Voting-Machine Hack 277

Warm John writes to mention a short article on Doctor Dobbs Journal about the Hack that couldn't be done. "Hacking a Diebold voting machine was the focus of Cigital's Gary McGraw's keynote at SD Best Practices. He discussed 'Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine,' a paper released by Edward Felten, Ari Feldman, and Alex Halderman of the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy. 'The paper details a simple method whereby the Princeton team was able to compromise the physical security of a Diebold voting machine, infecting it with a virus that could change voting results and spread by memory-card to other machines of the same type.'"
XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: LJ's down

Holy crap, LJ's down. How can I make last minute birthday requests? How can I get to the pictures of intarweb people wishing me a happy birthday to display during tonight's party? How will I go on?

Comment new thoughts on helpdesk tracking. (Score 2) 28

My vote goes to a pair of students at Drew University. Erik Larsson and Del Sockel. In 3 weeks they managed to create a Web based helpdesk tracking and asset management software based completely upon open-source/freeware materials. MySQL, PHP, PERL, and JavaScript being the base of the work, and this is without any prior experience with PHP or MySQL.

And now they're rewriting it with mod_perl to be an apache module content handler that can do it all much faster and more reliably. Sorry to ramble, but I tend to think it's impressive.


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