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Journal Journal: LJ's down

Holy crap, LJ's down. How can I make last minute birthday requests? How can I get to the pictures of intarweb people wishing me a happy birthday to display during tonight's party? How will I go on?

Comment new thoughts on helpdesk tracking. (Score 2) 28

My vote goes to a pair of students at Drew University. Erik Larsson and Del Sockel. In 3 weeks they managed to create a Web based helpdesk tracking and asset management software based completely upon open-source/freeware materials. MySQL, PHP, PERL, and JavaScript being the base of the work, and this is without any prior experience with PHP or MySQL.

And now they're rewriting it with mod_perl to be an apache module content handler that can do it all much faster and more reliably. Sorry to ramble, but I tend to think it's impressive.


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