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Comment Re:Good Android, Bad Android (Score 1) 356

I just don't understand why a LACK of options is a good thing.

Logically that makes sense. However the irrational human does not deal well with choice. Studies show that more choices leads to greater unhappiness. The additional options make room for additional regret.

With that said, I would say we are pretty lucky with our current marketplace in both mobile and desktop computers. The primary choice is operating system, of which the choices are few. If you select iOS/OS X you can be confident in knowing your choices end there. If you are more adventurous, you can select Android/Linux/Windows and go on to have a multitude of additional options to work with. It's the best of both worlds, accommodating people with all kinds of personalities.

Comment Re:The rewards are too low too (Score 1) 841

It is not about appreciation, the problem is that science doesn't scale. You spend four or more years becoming an expert, but then that information is trapped inside your head, sitting there valueless. You can apply that knowledge for a given entity for a nominal fee, but you can't reasonably apply that knowledge for a million entities simultaneously. To get there, you need to manage a million scientists/engineers yourself, at which point you will be too busy to do any science-based work.

Comment Re:Justice is served (Score 1) 334

IANAL but it seems the penalty for selling stolen goods should be proportional to the value of those goods.

How do you determine the worth of the goods? It was worth $5,000 to a press agency. To Apple, it could have been worth millions of dollars to keep it under wraps. To me, maybe a few hundred dollars; I was able to buy the exact same thing about a month later for no more than that.

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