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Journal Journal: European Union wants to send the ATM system back into stone age

Portugal has one of the most, if not the most, advanced ATM networks in the world. While on most countries the ATM networks seem to be handled by individual banks, the Portuguese ATM network, called Multibanco (yes, as in multi-bank) is owned and ran by a state entity called SIBS (Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços - roughly inter-banking business society). This unified ATM network allows the state and the banking businesses to save millions in equipment, maintenance and headco

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Submission + - Touchscreen usage with Linux 4

Joaommp writes: Lately I found myself needing a particular device: high resolution touch screens. Such need derives from a particular project I've been involved with. My objective is to add the touch screen as a second screen to my desktop, using a second graphics card, and having two concurrent X sessions running on each screen. In one I would do development and on the touch screen session I'd do the testing. The problem is to find the right hardware for it. There's not a whole lot of information and easily accessible devices on the net. There are a few, some are extremely expensive.
One device I found was the Belinea s.display 5_22, which is an hybrid touch screen/tablet. The device looks very nice in the specs, but the problem is: how well would it work with Linux? After a long time of browsing through the net, I came up empty and the technical support seems to know about their own product less than I do. They couldn't even provide information about what controller was being used or even the USB IDs. I'm still trying to convince them to provide more information about it.
There is also the similar Wacom Cintiq line, but those, besides being only tablet, is also as much as three times more expensive and aim at the graphics professionals.
So, my question to the audience is: What is your experience with this type of devices under Linux and X and which ones would you recommend that are available in Europe?

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