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Comment Bah. (Score 1) 138

Way before I learned any real programming (well, maybe I had a little Basic at that point), I had software that was puzzles with logic gates (you have some number of inputs w/ different patterns on the left wall, connect up the logic gates to make the desired output on the right).

Today's modern equivalent is SpaceChem. And we've had plenty of games that teach you to break down problems into smaller parts ... The Incredible Machine, Lemmings, etc.

Maybe it doesn't teach you how to write a faster sort routine... but c'mon, these days most programmers have never seen a line of assembly, much less written one. They get by in high level languages like Ruby and Python, where they don't even have to worry about garbage collection or pointer addition.

You get the kids interested by giving them tools to make something that they can play with ... it could be some drag & drop framework, or even something like Minecraft.
Some are going to be satisfied with that ... others are going to have some task they can't do in the tools, and will have to delve deeper. ...

Of course, my only concern with this approach is that you risk having some people take a profession for granted -- the "I made a webpage for my club in highschool using GeoCities... why do we need to hire a professional to make out website?" type people.

Comment Re:INteresting (Score 1, Interesting) 111

Yes. Many people sight Star Trek as a driver for them going into STEM.
It's the imagination, setting, add possibilities that did it, not becasue Warp actual exists.
Whist ST is given WAY to much credit for devices that have come out, it was very inspiring for a generate of kids.

Yes, the only choice is STEM or shyster.

Comment Re:Showing pain, not feeling pain (Score 1) 274

Sarcasm.. fail.
I was being sarcastic to the original poster who said:
"Animals know that if they show weakness in front of a predator"

Looking at the data from these tests and the study, the poster is implying that predators are male.
Which is false in many species. i.e. anything that eats mice.

I keep rereading my post and really don't see how that could be read as anything but sarcastic in the context.

Comment Re:Fucking Cyclists are ruining the future. (Score 1) 174

Then it's fine. I wan't talking about those situation. That said, it takes some arragonce to expect everyone to have to be hindered bacause you can't go fast enough.

Everyday I am behind a bicyclist in the middle of the road, when there is a perfectly clear bike lane.
Every fucking day .

They Run Stop signs, swerve onto and off of the sidewalk at random, stop.

And one time I was rear ended by a bike While I was stopped specifically to let them pass me on the right. What did I get for my troubles? the finger
I used to think it was just a small percentage, but I have gone to too many bike rally and meets. In Portland, well over half are self righteous assholes that want all the rules apply only to others.

Maybe where you live they are actual decent thinking human beings.

It's so bad here I stopped riding because I don't want to be associated with them.

Comment Re:Not sure we need it (Score 1) 174

maybe the driver needs to be responsible for taking a path he isn't qualified to drive on in the first place?

Anyways, the car will be tied into the weather and it could let you know whats coming up, so you can turn around and go back.
Also, when crossing mountain paths, take extra water and blankets.
I speak form experience. I'm sure my former, and tasty, passenger agrees with me :)

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