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Comment Re: PAR2 (Score 1) 321

they said that about paper every time it's been invented, but the problem with paper is it's inability to handle too little humidity (dry rot) too much humidity (mildew etc) and it's tempting nesting site for insects that routinely eat tree leaves. oh and it's bitrate per energy put into it is atrocious especially if you throw in modern hermetically sealed deoxygenated and humidity controlled environs. but it is easy to copy, any schooled child can copy letters from one piece of paper to another. but computers are even more awesome for data sharing and copying. even if laws against it exist. but i digress. having an optical backup is fine, there are times where optical is necessary, but it doesn't prevent accidental damage of discs or make sorting them easier. bitrot detection is an underserved market. raid has it, bluray doesn't and some filesystems actively have deduplication to reduce the number of copies left undeleted are few. anyways, the best way to check for bitrot is by scanning the md5sum on them with a script that runs automatically on the server that sends out the files to the offsite and if bitrot is detected it simply requests the data from the off site storage. before it is lost.

Comment Re:Creates surge in IE (Score 1) 208

You give the perfect example of what's wrong. You are implying that you care more about the inconvenience of having to develop a site that can work on an older browser than about the the customer

It's not like we're talking about something ancient like IE6 full of major security holes, IE8 is still only 5 years old and still supported. In fact the main reasons I see http://theie8countdown.com/ for upgrading is not due to security but because it "hampers the development of the web". Again that reinforces my point; Firefox is on its deathmarch because it wants the brave new web world whether or not its users want that world. And it wants that brave new web world because its advertiser friends have lots of money.

It is perfectly appropriate to put up a warning that IE8 users may not see all features, that at least gives them a chance to consider upgrading or to avoid your site in the future. I certainly wish I had the luxury of ignoring customers using old releases, I could get a lot of free time if I didn't have to backport bug fixes like a responsible programer.

I am advocating that pushing change too hard and ignoring users makes them die hard afraid of change which puts the cost to you.

I just saw a video yesterday that asked users what a browser was? Answer was Yahoo or Google. these were not nursing home seniors but average Joes! Asking them to change is beyond their ability to gasp.

Comment Re:eh, Google no eat own dogfood? (Score 2) 308

I think that's a ringing endorsement for not using Microsoft Exchange, plus however many 3rd party add-ons and "business process integration" crap corporations always bolt-on to it. Exchange on it's own is fairly reliable -- as long as you aren't constantly poking at it. (even more so if you don't let the internet talk to it.) But there are, indeed, significantly more stable email platforms than Exchange.

Comment Re:eh, Google no eat own dogfood? (Score 1) 308

Dark chocolate is kind of healthy, and can be organic as well as fairly traded.

I'd suggust the following replacement:


I mean its for kids! In Africa! How better to not be evil, than by activily doing not evil?

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