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Comment Re:Who pays? (Score 4, Insightful) 184

The ISPs won't pay for this. The costs will be passed on to their users as always. And since it's a level playing field, one ISP won't gain an advantage over others.

Incorrect. This only applies to ISPs with over ~400,000 users. More ISPs would of supported this, but there aren't many with a lot of users. This act promotes heavy users to migrate to less popular ISPs.

Comment Re:What does Wikileaks get from this? (Score 2, Informative) 606

This is absurd. I opposed the Iraq War too but it's not a "war crime". The previous regime was in violation of the ceasefire agreement that ended the Gulf War and numerous UN resolutions passed subsequent to that agreement. The Iraq War was perfectly legal under American and international law. It was a foolhardy adventure that distracted us from more pressing concerns but it was not illegal or a war crime.

The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan disagreed.

Furthermore, the UK Attorney General could only get the invasion to be legal in UK law through Resolution criteria dating back to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Allegations he was pressured into giving the OK lack sufficient evidence.

The Internet

Submission + - UK Minister backs 'open internet'

Simmeh writes: In a clarification of his comments last week, Ed Vaizey has come out saying he supports an 'open internet' and denies claims he ever said he backs a 'fast lane' service. "What I announced as far as I was concerned was business as usual – an important statement that the government was alive to these issues and prepared to intervene in the future. I am absolutely as one with someone like Tim Berners-Lee”

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