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Comment Job Creation (Score 1) 473

"Hundreds of Billions" over 20 years? That seems to be pretty inexpensive.

Also think of all the jobs for installing/servicing/billing that are being created.

With more adoption of solar/wind/tidal generation, the initial price of the equipment should go down, once
the Chinese market undercutting is "fixed"


Submission + - Is Android a Secure Mobile Operating System? (

jishnu001 writes: "Android is celebrating it's 5th Birthday with 1.3 Million activation each day and expecting a billion activation before it's 6th birthday ,a question still remains.

Is Android a Secure Mobile Operating System?.

Unfortunately the latest report from F-Secure says no.The F-Secure Mobile threat report Q3 2012 says that there is an increase of 51447 unique malware samples in Android Platform.The increase in malware occurred even after the release of Google Bouncer,a new layer security for Android Market.Google claimed that bouncer will produce a 40% drop in malicious Android Apps .

One of the reason for this huge increase in the malwares is the growth of Android application in Chinese market.China is now the largest market of smartphone ,in which android handles 81%.These regions are beyond Google Bouncer boundary.

F-Secure Report says that they have found 42 new families of malware in Android and new variants of some of the existing families.

Don't think that Android is the only mobile OS which face treats.As Per F secure there was a 17% increase in Symbian Based malwares in which they have found 21 new families .Most of them were originated from China.When it comes to Blackberry the latest discovery is Zitmo Malware (a variant of zeus Trojan) .This malware steals the bank transaction numbers send to the customers from the bank.Another significant discovery was Finspy Trojan."


Submission + - Dragonfly spy drone fits in a hand Georgia Tech (

garymortimer writes: "The TechJect Robot Dragonfly is a multi-engineering design. It requires everything from aerodynamics, machine design, mechatronics, electronics, communication systems, flight control software, user-interfaces and much more. We’ve put in a lot of work to bring harmony to chaos and bring the dragonfly to life; however, getting something robust enough to endure the elements, strong enough to outlast crashes and accidents; smart enough so everyone can operate them easily; and finally cheap enough so everyone can afford one, we have to professionally manufacture the robot bugs; which is an expensive proposition."

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 200

Wait, you need riot police, armed with guns... to recover a lost phone prototype...?


Tenuous Link from the article.

"Shortly after an officer-involved shooting in which a plainclothes officer shot a suspect who pulled a gun on the officer Thursday night, dozens of rioters surrounded San Francisco’s Mission District Police Station while one person vandalized the police station, according to San Francisco police."

14 people were killed in a cafe suicide bominbg in Somalia too, not sure why Google is not being blamed for than too.

No, that was just a bad battery on a Surface tablet.

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