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Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

Unix has three definitions.

1. Legacy Unix, based on the AT&T Unix source code. eg: Solaris and AIX.

2. Certified Unix(tm). eg: Solaris, AIX, and OS X (apparently not included in their decline of Unix numbers).

3. Unix-like operating systems. eg: Linux, *BSD. (*BSD is also somewhat legacy in that AT&T incorporated their source code).

I don't think you can classify BSD as "Unix-like". My understanding that it is considered full-on Unix. And the basis for Solaris, no less.

4) Linux based phones (android)

Comment Re:Could only be better if: (Score 1) 173

Then he was an idiot. That doesn't even make sense. OSI is a logical way to think about networking. Its not an actual protocol.

Well there were a nice pile of overengineered applications in the OSI definition as well.

I still twitch when x.400 is mentioned.

Comment Re:"Unity web player"? (Score 2) 57

Erm. Unity is a well-known 3D gaming engine, dude....

Could of fooled me. As far as I know, Unity is a very expensive product from Cisco for providing voicemail integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

So apparently there is some niche product that is a 3D engine of some sort, and I get that.
But the publisher should still not be doing something that requires me to install software, to view it.

If they're posting it online, they should use a standard format such as HTML5.

Nah Unity is the value subtracted interface to Gnome in the latest versions of Ubuntu

Comment Re:Why does anyone like this show? (Score 1) 772

It seems awful to me. The writing is bad. The characters are bad. The plots are bad. The props/special effects are bad.

Is it something we Ironically like because its so bad or does it have good aspects I've over looked?

Don't get me wrong. I love science fiction. But this seems like garbage.

Anyone have an idea as to what I'm missing here?

So ELI5:

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