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Comment Accellion (Score 1) 274

I managed accellion for web based and sftp file transfers, it's pretty mature, not too expensive. Check

The setup I used was a virtual server on vmware with an encrypted file system from a file server on our SAN.

The link for government services is at:

Comment Alternate Trait 1 (Score 2) 142

If you are good, you know when the network "isn't right" which is much better than UP/Down.

This includes knowing things like a switch port has lost duplex on an ethernet connection,
there is a broadcast storm in a building/site, one of your redundant links is down.

Being right much much more often than being wrong in diagnosis/troubleshooting is also a good trait.

Comment Our Stunning Reorganization (Score 4, Insightful) 165

We will be replacing all of the employees with small shell scripts. The ones we can't, we will be outsourcing your
jobs to Elbonia, until there are no employees remaining that are not upper management.

Then we will declare bankruptcy, pocket all the profits until we re-emerge as a shell company sellining
rights to our name.

Oh and XboxOne.

Comment Re:Not really HTML5 (Score 1) 337

HTML5 can't have DRM in it. It would never work.

What would stop people from modifying open source browsers to simply write the video out to a file?

You can't have netflix on linux, if you could you very well can't have DRM. With firefox + linux there would be nothing stopping you from simply recording the video or hell writing it directly to a file.

Umm isn't android linux ?

Netflix seems to run fine on my tablets and googletv...

Comment Re:And we all know what will happen... (Score 2) 385

It's difficult to be a law abiding citizen because there are so many laws that it's difficult to not run afoul of at least a few.

OK, name one crime that I could innocently commit and wind up in jail for.

How about owning too many dildos in texas?

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