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Comment Re:Are we all supposed to know what Airbnb is? (Score 3, Insightful) 141

In short,
There is a huge shortage in affordable housing in Amsterdam and there is very little space to remedy this. Add to this that about 10% is owned as speculation objects by criminals with no tenants. Having unlicensed hotels and hostels on top of the 100 or so licensed hotels in these residential areas are a huge burden on the city and its inhabitants and also unfair competition to the businesses that do play by the rules.
Only last year there was a deadly shootout in an unlicensed hotel at the end of my street. If you are a US citizen that is probably a daily occurrence for you, but here in Amsterdam it is kind of a big deal.


Comment Re:No wonder ... (Score 2) 290

My bank balance says otherwise. Then again, I invest in companies, not in the market.
When you go in without knowing a thing about the underlying companies or industries you end up relying on technical analysis or gimmicks like this which as far as I can tell is one magic crystal away from invoking sacred geometry to make market predictions. To paraphrase Robert Anton Wilson: Given a small enough chart and a blunt enough pencil any collection of points can be made to fit into a meaningful pattern.

Comment Re:Economy is not a science. (Score 5, Informative) 290

Don't forget: Astrology relies heavily on extremely accurate and proven celestial mechanics. It is still bunk.
Econometrics (bookkeeping with differential equations) is a real science. Economics is at best a pseudoscience that has built a cargo cult around the results of econometrics.

Comment Re:Related: White LEDs (Score 2) 417

That were the snot green LEDs of old. They even had pale blue LEDs cut from hideously difficult to work silicon carbide. So called "true green", bright blue and by extension white (which is a blue LED with a fluorescent coating) were an invention by one guy at Nichia in the 1990s and it is revolutionizing indoor lighting and LCD backlights.

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