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Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 403

Obi-wan seemed like a real dick after that scene. His former friend and pupil is lying there, on fire and dismembered. Obi-wan can't even be bothered to finish him off and put him out of his misery. Instead he just leaves him there to be horribly scarred and rebuilt into a hate filled cyborg that thinks nothing of blowing up entire planets.

I don't think they had a choice at that point except to make him look like a dick. The story had to continue with him as Darth Vader because that's how it was written 30 years prior. They painted themselves into a corner by trying to tell the story starting way further back than they could hope to tell in three mostly consecutive movies, and then by wasting almost one entire movie (Episode 1) just showing us crap.

Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 403

Prequel complainers are just full of shit. They cry about movies that are roughly as good as the originals.

Also, anyone who compares Ewoks and Jar-Jar is a moron. The Ewoks actually fought, using old but useful weapons to help defeat the imperial forces. Jar-Jar was running away like a coward and accidentally destroyed an invading force in the process. Both character types aimed at kids? Sure. But they were nothing alike.

Comment Re:You know... (Score 3, Insightful) 403

It's not even that. Look at that quotes list. Awkward quote #1? Just Jar-Jar being Jar-Jar. That was an appropriate quote for the character and context. Quote #5 was a neutral way to avoid an awkward silence. #7 was Anakin being a 9-year-old boy--yes, 9-year-old boys say awkward stupid shit like this. Quotes #20 and #34 were frighteningly insightful: this is exactly what happened after 9/11.

Prequel complainers are just full of shit. They cry about movies that are roughly as good as the originals.

The prequels sucked because they tried to cram foreshadowing into every scene, as if we needed every single event in the prequels to relate to a specific event in the original 3. Then after the second prequel they realized they left so much undone that the third was just two hours of screen wipe-divided vignettes, and right at the end they were like, Oh shit, Anakin only has the one fake hand. So 5 minutes, one ill-constructed fight sequence, and single slashing of a light saber and suddenly he is Darth Vader in all his shiny, black awesomeness. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Comment Re:And any idiot with a soldering iron can bypass (Score 2) 765

I never said bludgeoning a person was easy.

. I said that someone who can and will disarm a person with a gun probably has the skills to then beat the crap out of you with your gun if it for some reason does not fire.

Although it is not "easy" to bludgeon someone to death, it only takes the right kind of strike to knock a person unconscious, at which point the perpetrator can take their time pistol whipping the limp body.

Comment Re:And any idiot with a soldering iron can bypass (Score 4, Interesting) 765

If you are defending yourself with your smart gun and the person takes it away from you, I'm pretty sure that if they can't shoot you with it that they will still be able to beat you to death with it. And if they are the kind of person who can and will disarm someone then they probably can beat you up, too. Either way, I'll take my chances that someone else might get my gun over my gun not firing when I really need it to. I can train to deal with misfires, not with electronic malfunctions.

Comment Re:Our patent system is totally broken (Score 1) 152

Well, professionals who take these types of photos care, outsiders don't care. Maybe you should at least skim through all the patent claims before saying it's just a camera in front of a white sheet.

I wasn't responding directly to the details of this patent application; rather, the notion that such a thing can be patented (and yes, I did read the claims). Presumably, if one can patent the white sheet with a specific lighting pattern, then previously one would have been able to patent just the white sheet, and that is ridiculous.

Consider it another way: I am a photographer using a white sheet as a backdrop. As I take a series of photos, thanks to digital photography I can immediately look at the results and move my lights around to remove shadows. At some point I happen to hit Amazon's patented light configuration, and I am now violating their patent. Dumb. Maybe they should also patent looking at the digital output and adjusting lighting? After all, that is part of the process for which they applied for the patent currently in question.

Comment Re:"There is a problem with the law, so ban scient (Score 1) 180

The scientific progress lies in the identification of targets for energy transfer. That they can or will be used to kill people is completely irrelevant because pretty much every scientific advancement of the last hundred years can be used to kill people, whether that means flying a plane into a skyscraper or dying from chemo therapy and radiation before the cancer kills you.

Don't forget, "or taking Cialis and dying from (complications due to) a 6 hour erection."

Comment Re:Ban them all you want (Score 1) 180

So no, contrary to the common opinion on Slashdot, I think collectively agreeing to not use a certain, dangerous technology can be useful, and is also enforceable.

Last I checked, the Slashdot community was more likely to be on the side of supporting a ban. Regardless, how enforceable is such a ban? We can look for signs that a country is developing nuclear capability because of the unique nature of the technology involved. Autonomous, lethal robots, however, are made up of relatively benign or not suspicious parts, so we would have to rely on direct observation to determine if a country were developing such technology.

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