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Comment Re:Cruel and unusual (Score 1) 369

Aaaah and now er have slashdot's favourite capitalista []. If the government taxes the rich so hard then how come Warren Buffet's secretary pays a higher rate of tax than Warren Buffet []?

Are you people still beating that drum? It is probably the difference between tax on ordinary income and tax on capital gains. I am not rich, but I like a low capital gains tax. First, because that money has - depending on the investment vehicle - already been taxed at the ordinary income rate. And, second, because whether I have $100K or $100M in the bank I pay the same 15%.

Comment Theocracies (Score 3, Interesting) 862

The problem I see with Islamic theocracies - compared to the US constitution saying that we are endowed with unalienable rights by our creator - is that they get their laws from their god, not their rights. The are therefore free to trample on the rights of the individual in the name of their god. In the US, we are free to act like fools in the name of our god.

Rep. Broun needs to learn than belief in god and even Christianity does not mean the big bang or evolution are wrong. One cannot snap their fingers and make a cake; the ingredients must be mixed together and have heat applied. Why should god be able to circumvent the rules just because his cake is the universe?

Comment Re:Isn't it plain and obvious... (Score 3) 216

Shouldn't those be among the best designed, safest, most reliable and secure of devices?

I'm surprised they would allow remote access without a direct connection. It's vulnerable enough in that it relies on electronic timing and can be affected by external electromagnetic forces; but, to make it accessible via wireless/RF/whatever just seems like a bad idea through and though.

Comment Re:You Misunderstand Patents (Score 1) 167

I highly doubt you or anyone can conceive, design and build a bearing polishing machine in one day, but I digress. And I understand the effort it takes to "invent" ideas on the web (Amazon "one click," this Google account thing, etc.). I just don't see it as the same as building a physical machine operating in the physical world, and that is the distinction with which I am trying to come to terms. The bar of triviality and obviousness needs to be set in a far different place in software compared to the physical realm.

Comment Re:You Misunderstand Patents (Score 1) 167

I'm still foggy on why a patent can be issues for a user interface, some middleware and a relational database. I just don't see that the same level of protection is needed without the same kind of initial effort as, say, developing a machine to implement a ball bearing polishing technique. I can sit down and in a day bang out the code to do what Google patented.

Comment Re:surprise... (Score 1) 233

I am a huge fan of the old car wax commercial (DD-27?) where the guy says, "I'm going to pour hydrochloric acid on this car...But wait, I'm first going to pour ammonia on it [audience gasp at 2 toxic chemicals being poured on the shiny car surface!]" Uh, Hi, high school chemistry calling...HCl + NH3 = your paint job is going to be fine.

Comment Re:Ex-military, current paranoid schizophrenic (Score 4, Insightful) 333

The "version" of this Bilderberg theory I hear is that Bush is dumb as dirt

I think there's enough video evidence from him speaking to prove that point.

Bush said an incredible amount of Really Stupid Things. I find it hard to believe anybody still believes he's anything but a drooling chimp.

Just curious, but when Obama said he had visited 57 states, did you see that as being stupid? How about the unbelievably numerous times he stammers in his non-teleprompter speeches, e.g., I-I-I-I-I-I don't- wha-wha-wha-what I mean; you see, the-the-the..., and so on? Or is he still The Great Orator? Genius, voice of a generation? And Haliburton is evil, but what about Obama's Goldman-Sachs chums in the administration?

We spend so much time complaining, yet it is us - the people, the voters - who opted to sit around and watch television and let politicians warp the constitution to serve their need for power. The right and the left serve the same master. But it isn't the people.

Comment Re:apples and oranges? (Score 1) 162

How is this the same? This bill is forcing retailers to accept your old equipment for recycling. As in, you have an old laptop that works or doesn't work, you want to throw it out. Now you can take it to the retailer and deposit it there. Environment fee is not the same thing, though both apples and oranges are fruit.

Correct. And since they can't legally charge to accept your old equipment they add a fee on to the new equipment they sell. Sounds like apples to apples (or PCs to PCs) to me.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 625

Or the liability when we all suffocate while waiting in the vacuum for the train to arrive. Or the liability of our organs exploding due to the G forces on acceleration. Or the liability of all those exploding organs coming out of our mouths when the train decelerates.

But think of the fun one can have putting pennies on the tracks. I bet they would melt. Or destroy a city block when the train derails - make that de-tubes.

Is it fast enough to alter time? Say, I enter the train Monday morning to go to work, and get off the train 10 minutes later, but on Tuesday? (Yes, I live 700 miles from work.)

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 1) 161

The problem I see with these resolutions is that they all necessarily must be imprecise in order to have any reasonable application. However, the lack of precision is the very thing that creates loopholes.

I have a resolution: Treat others as you want to be treated. Oh wait, that leaves a loophole for masochists.

Fuck it. Free for all!

Comment Re:Probably (Score 3, Funny) 683

There are two problems here: Language evolving in such a way as to smooth over or entirely rewrite history; and, language evolving in a such a way as to become ambiguous. Ghod forbid we lose our marklar to marklar, because before we know it, the marklar will marklar all our marklar, and then we will be left with marklar, and spend the rest of our marklar getting marklared up the marklar.

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