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Comment Re:CQ CQ CQ (Score 1) 88

Fair enough. Actually all US calls are available via the FCC, and then through several other databases that just regurgitate the FCC. It's annoying to be sure. But I hope band conditions keep improving. I got a bit obsessed with 10m before I got my General ticket, and I'm still annoyed at how closed it is. Of course now I have more stuff to work, but damnit I want ten to open up on sheer principle.

Comment Re:Why is that surprising? (Score 1) 2058

Pay the fee, or accept a lien on your property for the full cost of the fire suppression. Seems reasonable to me. And I'll wager his insurance company would have happily paid the full cost of suppression, vs what they are going to have to pay out now for the lost goods. And then I imagine he would see a higher insurance rate for his own negligence not only in maintaining good fire safety practices on his property, but for failing to pay the local fire department. Win all around. Fire department gets paid, guy gets the fire put out. If he has to deal with a $7500 or whatever lien, that is his responsibility. Or barring that, perhaps his local community will get together, and create a fire district.

Submission + - The challenges of developing for multicore phones (

angry tapir writes: "Writing applications for devices like tablets and smartphones could become more challenging as CPUs and hardware accelerators are added to mobile chips. Chip makers are adding CPUs and specialized hardware accelerators to mobile chips as an energy-efficient way to boost application performance on tablets and smartphones. Most mobile devices today come with one CPU core on a chip, but tablets and smartphones with dual- and triple-core chips could hit shelves as early as next year."

Submission + - Xmarks To Shut Down in January 2011 1

BarneyRabble writes: "The cross browser bookmark sync application Xmarks, is shutting down as of January 2011. The site is stating that even through advertising, they could no longer support their business model. Further information can be found here.( All data from sync, including bookmarks, passwords, etcetera, will be wiped from their servers, and they ask that you start now to use other applications."

Submission + - Thousands of sites taken offline in 4Chan misfire ( 1

littlekorea writes: Anonymous attackers have taken aim at Australia's anti-piracy lobby, AFACT today, in a concerted 12-hour effort. Some 8,000 other Australian websites using the same web host were taken out in the process. The AFACT site resumed service after several hours of downtime. Similar attacks have been leveled at anti-piracy groups such as the MPAA and RIAA.
United States

Journal Journal: NSDAP

The parliamentary battle of the NSDAP had the single purpose of destroying the parliamentary system from within through its own methods. It was necessary above all to make formal use of the possibilities of the party-state system but to refuse real cooperation and thereby to render the parliamentary system, which is by nature dependent upon the responsible cooperation of the opposition, incapable of action.

Submission + - Wikileaks insiders resign (

Americano writes: Wired reports that at least six wikileaks insiders, including Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Wikileaks' spokesman in Germany, have resigned in the past few weeks. Those who have spoken with Wired cite differences and disputes with Julian Assange, and his autocratic leadership style, as the motivation for their departure.

From the article:
"You are not anyone's king or god," wrote Domscheit-Berg in the chat. "And you're not even fulfilling your role as a leader right now. A leader communicates and cultivates trust in himself. You are doing the exact opposite. You behave like some kind of emperor or slave trader."

"You are suspended for one month, effective immediately," Assange shot back. "If you wish to appeal, you will be heard on Tuesday."


Submission + - Stuxnet worm can re-infect scrubbed PCs (

Tootech writes: A security researcher today revealed yet another way that the Stuxnet worm spreads, a tactic that can re-infect machines that have already been scrubbed of the malware.

The new information came on the heels of admissions by Iranian officials that Stuxnet had infected at least 30,000 of the country's Windows PCs, including some of the machines at the Bushehr nuclear reactor in southwestern Iran.

The worm, which has been dubbed the world's most sophisticated malware ever, targets Windows PCs that oversee industrial-control systems, called "SCADA" systems, that in turn manage and monitor machinery in power plants, factories, pipelines and military installations.

Previously, researchers had spotted several propagation methods in Stuxnet that ranged from spreading via infected USB flash drives to migrating between machines using multiple unpatched Windows bugs.

Liam O Murchu, manager of operations on Symantec's security response team and one of a handful of researchers who have been analyzing Stuxnet since its public appearance in July, said today he'd found another way that the worm spreads. According to O Murchu, Stuxnet also injects a malicious DLL into every Step 7 project on a compromised PC, ensuring that the worm spreads to other, unaffected PCs whenever an infected Step 7 file is opened.

Comment Re:Where does this 'right' derive from? (Score 1) 557

And my choice in lighting involves "raping" people for a buck how? What if I decide to use kerosene lighting? Or run a coleman lantern for my light? Will the government step in and tell me I have to use electric power? Ban candles next? Or maybe they decide that because I'm running Linux, I'm not contributing as much money to the economy, and I have to buy a certain amount of closed source software? Or maybe they think my amateur radio gear uses too much power, and they want me to get rid of my vintage gear? Where the fucking hell does it end? Who the fuck gets to decide what I personally use in my own damned home, with energy I fucking pay for? Why don't we all just let the government make all our choices for us, eh comrade? I'm sure it's for the greater fucking good. Just ask a North Korean how that works.

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