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Comment Re:My experience with Google Wallet (Score 1) 107

Annoyingly, kids learn passwords really fast too - we haven't solved the problem that for at least the older parents today, technology wasn't a part of their lives growing up so much, and we don't have good processes for managing those risks baked into our habits.

Things that can cost money online just don't have the tangibility of real cash... and I don't have a super-good solution for that. Even my older and pretty internet-savvy kids happily start watching youtube movies when given a moment to check things online when the link is going via my phone and bandwidth isn't cheap like it is at home - they can't tell the difference.

Comment Re:My experience with Google Wallet (Score 1) 107

I guess your plan is to tie your children (if you ever have them) up ever time you have to go to the toilet? You can't helicopter them 24 hours of every day - so you remove anything that's dangerous enough to kill them and let them explore their world.

A tablet PC isn't dangerous except that you can spend a lot of money on it in ways which are DESIGNED to be attractive to kids. There's nothing else just sitting there in the house that can do it - even with an old-style phone it's pretty hard for a kid to do a lot of damage.

Comment Re:How about getting java code to run on java (Score 1) 304

C and C++ doesn't have "write once, debug everywhere" emblazoned all over its marketing.

There's a difference between not claiming something, or claiming it and then not providing it.

In the second case, people make assumptions (like shipping stuff that's supposed to have a long shelf life and work cross platform in your langauge), because they bought into the hype.

That's what I object to. Stuff written in Java which doesn't work everywhere.

Still, the vendors of things which require badly written java to work have plenty of blame to share too.

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