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Comment This is surprising (Score -1) 1103

I'm Mexican, In my last job my employer (big consultancy firm) gave a normal debit card with no minimum balance and they took care of everything, after no longer using it for 6 months the bank sent me and email saying they were very sorry but they had to cancel my account because it didn't show any movement (or balance) for half a year, none of this had any cost for me. My current employer (University) pays me through direct deposit, I use a basic debit account that pays very little interest and requires no minimum balance (all banks are required by law to have such a product), I had to setup the card for my self but it was very straight forward and easy. I'm amazed that in the U.S. employers use this kind of gimmick to save money. Of course Payroll processing and paying generates overhead costs (and banks never do anything for free) but I believe it is always taken for granted that the employers are responsible for those, reading what commentators from Europe say apparently this is also a common expectation overseas, specially when developing economies also behave this way.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score -1, Offtopic) 75

Idiots have been, are and will always be a bigger issue to economy and social order than homosexuals. Turing was gay and without his work computer industry might not exists at all. I know you are a just a troll but behind your juvenile stupidity there is a shimmer of your opinion, there always is in every troll post, and is always funny to crush your biased uninformed views of the world.

Comment Re:Dishonest (Score 1) 601

I beg to differ, he did the right thing (which is not always equivalent with the legal thing to do, remember the underground railroad?). Had he gone with this only to senators he most certainly would have being ignored (Do you think the U.S. Congress didn't knew about this?) and possibly would be sleeping in Guantánamo.

Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 1) 407

No, is your close-mindedness, proneness to be offended and bigotry what makes you lambs.Religious people demand respect while condemning other who not share their views to hell (literally), is painful to live in a world where the most rational opinion on things we have no way to figure out is the only one that is politically correct to make fun of.

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