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Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 1) 407

No, is your close-mindedness, proneness to be offended and bigotry what makes you lambs.Religious people demand respect while condemning other who not share their views to hell (literally), is painful to live in a world where the most rational opinion on things we have no way to figure out is the only one that is politically correct to make fun of.

Comment Re:Ruin the US wheat crop, get a prize! (Score 1) 271

While I agree with you that most of the anti-GMO movement are just the usual granola smoking paranoid bunch (and since I'm a liberal, a vegan and an environmentalist I know that bunch quite well, some of them are even my friends), and that the technology holds promise to mankind, that doesn't mean that all criticism to Monsanto's is unscientific and pure fear mongering. Round up is toxic to ocean's photosynthetic life (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10646-009-0446-7#page-1 I offer a link of just one study, not because you cant' use google, but because the last time I said this here someone told me it was not backed up by facts, which is of course epistemologically impossible so I offer science) and their GM tech allows to spray it indiscriminately cause it won't kill the crop, and this is an issue in an already very troubled ocean environment.

Comment Re:If it ain't broke... (Score 2) 336

This actually answers a question I was making myself about this sense of reliability of old equipment, In my experience its a nightmare to service and maintain old equipment. One of my first job was in the manufacturing (machining) industry, it was a small operation and it needed old computers with old software that controlled some old (~6 years back then) but very expensive quality control and milling equipment; those were all old PC's, with old ISA buses, old and insanely expensive RAM (that eventually failed), I eventually convinced my boss to replace those things with cheap assembled PC's, we had to buy PCI expansion cards for all the serial and parallel ports that the measuring table seemed to need but it worked out just fine. There was a kind of sentiment that those machines were somewhat magical and no new PC's would ever be able to connect successfully and run the aging software (the equipment was second hand, out of support, software update was in the thousand dollar range), they depended on them so the things had to be reliable, right? If we add regulation to this attachment that management has with old 'working' equipment we get the nightmare that it is to deal with medical equipment and (now I know) nuclear facility equipment.

Comment Re:Why so many military folks? (Score 1) 136

You assert that with much authority but offer no explanation. I actually believe is the other way around, at least we are getting closer (though there is still a long way to go) to some FLOPS estimates of the human brain (which is nothing but a vast neural network with 'analog' input and output values). On the other hand we have no clue on what to do to solve problems like our short lifespans, food requirements, ship design, energy and the like that must be solved to at least attempt to take humans further than our own solar system (optimistically we will be ready to go to mars in 20 years).

Comment In other news... (Score 1) 298

We have always been at war with Eurasia. Is this for real? what's up with all this kind of articles lately? First is US still leading manufacturing (if you twist the metrics to suit your taste), now this. It's like someone is trying to anti-FUD (Hope Certainty and Confidence maybe?) US citizens.

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