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Comment Re:Someone in the know... (Score 1) 181

Thank You for finding the right word. Yes, but WebGL isn't a well designed engine. You have make one which will be running on JS which isn't comparable in speed to binary or ASM programs. Google Docs is slower than MS Office or even Open Office. I can't imagine that a full JS application could replace some binary application.

Comment Re:Someone in the know... (Score 1) 181

Yes. Exactly 03D is easier. I see problems with 3D models - You can only read txt based files with JS - and I am not sure if this works on all browsers. When You run everything (file reading, rendering, back face sculling, front face sculling etc) from JS then it will be slow. 03D and 3DMLW to it in the plugin. Which is faster.

Comment Re:Someone in the know... (Score 1) 181

O3D still uses a plug-in. 03D is easier do develop. Its similar to 3DMLW. I haven't seen a specification for WebGL yet (Khronos Group hasn't published any). I know so much that there aren't any readers for 3D models which makes the development of games very hard. Also there isn't any logic built into it. You have to program everything. No shaders, no phyiscs etc.

Comment Re:Goodbye Lenovo (Score 1) 400

I agree with You. Linux needed Canonical - someone who brings Linux to the masses. On that Linux can grow because more and more developers consider Linux as a viable OS and they are more willing to develop under it. Before Ubuntu there where tens of Linux distros who fought for the dominance. Now the developers can rely on just on version and don't have to consider all the pain taking problems with diversity.

Comment Re:He has a point about linux (Score 1) 400

When did You last used Linux? People don't know that Linux has a better support for hardware than Vista or Win7. On ubuntu I could use my old scanner out of the box (even 2 years ago) but on Vista I had to search the net. I admit that Linux has some problems with some certain hardware but that is the problem of the hardware manufacturers not Linux because they don't let the developers to port their drivers to other OSes than windows.

Comment Re:Interesting thought (Score 1) 378

An ordinary person can't calculate more than 1-10 moves ahead but that doesn't win the game. Humans feel whats the best in the current position and try avoid bad moves from the past games. But AI-s ordinary don't have past memory and that's why minimizing computation isn't good.

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