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Comment Re:Helium Leaks (Score 1) 297

>Can I call this planned obsolescence yet?

It's called a tolerance interval.


If 95% of your drives should last 5 years, you'd give a warranty that long to persuade customers to buy them over the other brands. Even at the far end of the bell curve you'll cover drives that have a much higher rate of failure because a large portion of the customer base will not RMA them for many issues, mostly because after 5 years something much better is out or they are lazy.

Comment Re:Passwords are property of the employer (Score 5, Insightful) 599

Well, first a bunch of time has passed giving people time to think. It's not an 'unfolding story' either, all the details are out there. And lastly, 5 years is time for many slashdotters to get older/grow up. It's easy to make a weird judgement on property when you're young and don't have any, but all of a sudden you're 30 and you have a house, car, and a well paying job you tend to look at things differently.

Comment Re:Another one that has turned evil (Score 1) 258

If you look to deliver exceptional value in just one market you are going to get your lunch ate eventually. Microsoft dominated the desktop OS market for years, then all of a sudden Apple, and now Google have taken over the phone/tablet market while the desktop market continues to shrink. Microsoft didn't try to provide exceptional value to the phone market for years (WinCE and its 6 versions of the OS were total crap for that purpose). Microsoft has also spent billions in the console market and only has done marginally well, but it has kept Sony and other competitors from making inroads too far in to it's OS/gaming market because of it.

Comment Re:sweatshop (Score 1) 258

>Or will you pass a law against that, too?

No, eventually you make all the businesses pay huge amounts in taxes for using robots to support social welfare, unless you want to end up in a Manna world. http://www.marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm

Unless of course, you want millions of unemployed hungry people to riot and burn your infrastructure down.

Comment Re:"apex predators" (Score 2) 258

>Except Amazon can't consume anyone's business. A customer decides where to spend money.

Yea. You don't understand how 'huge' business works.

Once you're big enough you can afford lobbying solely in your favor. With size you can use the 'walmart effect' by buying so much production the manufactures are more dependent on your then the smaller shops. When it comes down to it, the most powerful influence of consumers is price. If you have a huge enough amount of capitol you can find ways to sell your product cheaper then cost while remaining legal.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 292

>their support told us to update the firmware on the drive, which bricked it. They then refused to return/repair the drive because "firmware updates void your warranty."

I think my response to OCZ would have been: "I am contacting my state attorney general and petitioning that your products be banned from sales here."


Leaked Manual Reveals Details On Google's Nexus 5 177

Features of Google's next Nexus phone have finally been outed, along with confirmation that the phone will be built by LG, as a result of a leaked service manual draft; here are some of the details as described at TechCrunch: "The new Nexus will likely be available in 16 or 32GB variants, and will feature an LTE radio and an 8-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization (there’s no mention of that crazy Nikon tech, though). NFC, wireless charging, and that lovely little notification light are back, too, but don’t expect a huge boost in longevity — it’s going to pack a sealed 2,300mAh battery, up slightly from the 2100mAh cell that powered last year’s Nexus 4. That spec sheet should sound familiar to people who took notice of what happened with the Nexus 4. Just as that device was built from the foundation laid by the LG Optimus G, the Nexus 5 (or whatever it’s going to be called) seems like a mildly revamped version of LG’s G2."

Submission + - (Ex-)CIA analyst writes insider study of Counterterrorism Center

guanxi writes: (Spoiler: It turns our their jobs are even more bureaucratic as most of ours; in fact, some ask if the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is too large to function efffectively.) CIA analyst and sociology Ph.D. candidate Bridget Nolan suggested to her superiors that she write her dissertation on her workplace. They said no; she said yes; Bridget won. She had to quit the CIA, but now her study is in the public domain. Imagine a workplace where "ordinary conversations ... involve a kind of competitive one-upsmanship, "in which intelligence officers ‘out-correct’ and ‘out-logic’ each other in the course of routine conversation to the point where any increased accuracy in what has been said no longer seems meaningful." Maybe that doesn't take much imagination.

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