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Submission + - Enemy of HRM, Paul Revere, Identified Using Metadata (kieranhealy.org)

cervesaebraciator writes: In the wake of recent revelations from Edward Snowden, apologists for the state security apparatus are predictably hitting the airwaves. Some are even 'glad' the NSA has been doing this. A major point they emphasize is that the content of calls have remained private and it is only the metadata that they're interested in. But given how much one can tell from interpersonal connections, does the surveillance only represent "modest encroachments on privacy"? It is easy enough to imagine how metadata on phone calls made to and from a medical specialist could be more revealing than we'd like. But social network analysis can reveal far more. Duke sociologist Kieran Healy, in a light-hearted but telling article, shows how one father of the American Revolution could have been identified using the simplest tools of social network analysis and only a limited dataset.

Comment Re:Developers hate Agile too (Score 1) 597

>that the guy who is supposed to handle the roadblock isn't even at the meeting

That is a management problem.

>obviously that will make the user feel like what the fuck is he paying the developers for..

Only if your user is a fucking idiot. Don't worry, lots of users are. They imagine that you the developer can see right in to their head and make the software happen and get angry when you don't. I've seen a few 'agile-like' projects where the end user was brought in early and major changes to the way the work flow works on the interface was changed before it became a huge issue. The user realized what they originally wanted just didn't work smoothly.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 276

>Maybe if we changed the system so that we didn't reward the win at all cost mentality,

Nature is a system that favors the win at all costs.The winners (in wars) are the ones that write the history books. The winners in games are the ones the viewers. The winners in finance are the ones that make the most money. You are going to have a hard time changing the system because being the winner is what most people want.

Comment Re:famous for being famous (Score 1) 277

Each of the product categories you listed above pretty much sucked one way or another before Apple came in and gave them a decent interface or better advertising. It was the product integration that made Apple successful. But that also shows your point, what budding product is out there not being marketed or developed for correctly? Apple will be in trouble if there is no where new to move in to. The other manufactures will catch up and start cutting there margins with similar products after a while.

Comment Re:journalism (Score 2) 277

I think it's two things related to the software.

1. As you say, there are software upgrades put out regularly, you're not stuck with security holes or old useless phones.

2. Even though the software and devices are upgraded, they stay almost exactly the same from revision to revision. There are new features, but the iphoneX+1 still works almost exactly the same as an iphoneX. That is the important part. People hated having to relearn the interface of their phone every time they got a new one. It's still an issue with Android phones that between models and manufactures there is enough of a difference that it can be confusing. Older phones were a joke when it came to that? Where is the address book? How do I add contacts to this one? Why did that change that? Ugh.

Comment Re: Not dead, Jim. But... (Score 1) 171

In Fedora 15, the big WTF was switching to a desktop environment that does not work well or consistently with remote viewing, which is a big issue for server use.

Really? I'm not in the habit of having any sort of GUI on Linux servers. When I encounter a GUI on a server I inherit, I judge the previous maintainer to be sloppy.

Perhaps it's a generational thing, perhaps I'm missing something. More than superfluous, I view GUIs as a waste of resource.

Perhaps it's

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