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Comment Re:What about FAT32 (Score 1) 192

I call it useless not because people cannot use it, but because it doesn't offer advantages over existing file systems. Since you're installing file system drivers anyway, you could as well format the larger partition as UDF and get large files, extended attributes, named streams, UNIX semantics, fault resilience. If you use exFAT, it's only in order to avoid headaches when interoperating with Microsoft platforms, not because of technical considerations.

Comment Re:"Not Even" Office, huh? ;-) (Score 3, Interesting) 293

True, but as complex as it can be, Office has always been a showcase for Microsoft's new technologies, that's why I said "not even".
Windows 3.1? You'd see its full potential with Office - truetype, common dialogs and all.
COM/ActiveX? Office became entirely based on it.
Windows NT's Unicode support? Office shipped with fonts covering the whole of it.
The innovative UI elements of Windows '95 (and long file names)? Office '95 shows how to take advantage of them.
The (in)famous banner? Office got it before MS Paint.
Perhaps it's with .NET that Microsoft began not eating their own dog food anymore, as they bolted it on Office, instead of rewriting Office in .NET.

But now with Metro, Microsoft are telling their whole community of developers that they need to make the biggest change in the history of Windows, to completely drop their proven, decades-old development tools and habits, and embrace a radically new programming paradigm and distribution channel. This requires large investments, and investments require trust, which tends to be lost when even the leader doesn't show the way.

Comment Re:Shooting Itself in the Foot (Score 1) 293

It's fine with any touch interface, not just a phone.

Whatever the input method, I still have to see any "legacy" desktop application getting ported to Metro while maintaining the same feature set and exposing the same functionality. Not even Microsoft themselves managed to port Office, their most important asset, to Metro, yet. Even Windows 8.1 still sends you back to the desktop for many tasks, almost two years after Microsoft officially deprecated the "desktop" development.

Comment Re:Um, voice directions? (Score 1) 249

Sigh, I'd like to live there. Here, bike lanes do not exist. Extra-urban roads have a speed limit of 90 km/h and you have to share those with buses and trucks, because most often there's no other road at all. Not that speed limits matter, because people don't respect them anyway. The roads are of two kinds: either they're newly-built, and therefore they're designed only for motor vehicles and they're either dangerous or inaccessible for cyclists and pedestrians, or they were built for donkeys and ox-carriages, which is actually the best occurrence for cyclists. Car drivers treat bikers just like a sidewalk: they make the minimum effort to avoid them, and that's it. Occasionally they will put your life at risk for no reason: you get buses overtaking you so close that you can feel the temperature of their metal on your left shoulder, on a sunny day, with zero traffic, and on a straight road with two lanes per direction. Or people might overtake you dangerously, only to brake in front of you at the traffic light which is red. You need to listen carefully for engines' noise not only for ordinary traffic, but also to detect if there's some Michael Schumacher-wannabe that is using the state road as his own personal driving circuit assuming that there's nobody else on that road because, say, it's Sunday morning. In that case it's best to find some sheltered spot and wait there for him to arrive and pass. That's also the best thing to do in the case of clandestine horse races. Inside cities, articulated trucks run on streets that would be narrow for a car, and to respect the readers' sensitivity I'll spare them from the details of what happens when they hook some cyclist, pedestrian or motorbiker with some component of their coachwork.

Comment Re:To what end? (Score 1) 178

Were that the case you'd make some effort to not be so horribly dependent on the US for strategic military support.

That's because most european countries, those with no post-colonial involvements, do not need strategic military support. The iron courtain is no more. They have no precious resources inside their boundaries. They no longer invade other countries, nor they interfere with other countries' politics, and as a result they have no enemies. The "peace missions" that once in a while they partake of are only excuses to spend public money.

Comment Re:Looks like they are porting Clang features... (Score 1) 181

The difference between the BSD license and the GPL is that it allows you to copy the code and use it under more restrictive terms. You're saying that however, if you do, then you're a zealot. So what's the advantage of the BSD license, if the GPL only harms zealots?

If a proprietary project with closed source uses the BSD licensed project but add nifty functions it is just a matter of writing similar functions of your own. When a GNU licensed project grabs some BSD code and improves upon you can't just write code that does the same, because if you do then it is very likely that your code will end up looking very much like the GNU licensed implementation and people will find it less plausible that you didn't look at the other source.

What's the difference? If you didn't look at the original code, then the chances that your own code will look very much like the invisible implementation are the same, whether that invisible implementation is GNU or proprietary. If you did look at the original code, then you're deriving from it, and you should respect its license.

Comment Re:Avoidance = Evasion (Score 1) 175

But then again they are broke and looking to tax anyone except their own voters.

Actually, they're taxing their voters like there's no tomorrow. Italy has a fiscal pressure over GDP of 54%, which makes it the most taxed state among the developed countries. In a time when families are expected to give to the State more money than they can keep, I can't see anything questionable in asking Apple to pay up, or alternatively sell their phones to the Irish.

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