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Comment Re:The article doesn't seem to answer a basic ques (Score 3, Interesting) 232

I know most of the people here might not agree, but the new iPods are extremely cool and nice. :( Since you don't need the Kindle to use it, buying an iPod would probably be more in line with most people's budgets. And this would be great way to read on the subway or on a break with coffee, if your vision is decent.

I really like the Kindle too, but if you could have a small portable iPod for your books and music that is really great. For commuters this is a very nice piece of technology and software.

The iPhone is too expensive and not worth the money. The average person would probably buy the iPod because it costs so much less than the iPhone. With the Apple stores and going online and looking around there are always have deals or a refurbished one, you just have to watch for them every few months.

Comment Movie merchandising (Score 1) 169

It is because the movie is coming out soon, they need to capitalize and start the momentum of selling and promoting, blah, blah, blah. This one actually has some decent starring actors in it like Eric Bana. I think that might be the only reason I am going to see the movie, honestly.

I thought the Red Shirt cologne was funny! They have fragrances for everything now, even colleges are putting out scents. I maybe would buy one it smelled nice, because I am a sucker for perfume. I am actually kind of curious as to see what my school's perfume smells like, probably grilled cinnamon stickies and ice cream, well I am hoping it would smell something like that!


I mean who doesn't love perfume, well unless you are allergic or are one of those over wearers, those are worst, people that dip themselves in cologne. Now that I think about it, the average Star Trek fan probably has wicked allergies so they probably should have come out with a line of hypoallergenic mild soaps and lotions! LOL

Comment Restaurants in my city (Score 1) 202

There are pretty fair reviews on the very expensive restaurants in my city on Yelp, especially the Big Burrito owned restaurants. Maybe there is something to this because in Podunk, PA Big Burrito owns/runs the nicest places in this city. A lot of the independently owned gems aren't even on there, which is a shame. There are a lot of kind of hole in the walls places which are very clean and arty in our city that have great Indian, Filipino and Thai food. I would pick those places over Soba any day.

Comment Re:did that over 15 years ago (Score 1) 142

Cool! One PC less on earth. Life is again worth living!
That was funny, I like the chainsaw part. You should put this on the shared drive at work before you leave for a better job since in the other article people are talking about documenting procedures and not wanting to because they are thinking about job security.

Comment Re:Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (Score 1) 175

I actually use all of these sites. My Space is good to showcase your work if you are an artist or musician, I agree. I initially used it because everyone was on there, nowadays I just use My Space to put up pics of what I am watching, reading, thinking about. I probably should just replace it with a blog.

Twitter is good for news feeds, I get all of my news on there in one condensed area, I can read my college newspaper as an alumni, NPR, LOLcats, CNN, even Slashdot, I actually just set it up to try out this site.

Facebook is for all of my college and high school friends because everyone migrated to that site now, and they don't use My Space anymore. It doesn't have much value except that everyone is on there, that's all.

I mean a lot of the people on here do the same thing it is just all gaming most likely. You would probably spend more time gaming than seeing what your friends are up to online. Just an observation.

I also agree these sites waste too much time! I wish there was a site, where I could have all of these things in one, news feeds, status updates, instant messaging, blogging, showcasing art and music where everyone I know is online, plus games I like. It would make everything a lot easier and more condensed. It would the Walmart of websites, LOL

Comment Re:I think most people understand privacy (Score 1) 409

Also I guess I have been lucky enough not to do anything I would be ashamed of to be made public. Reasonable people understand context and when people are playing around with their buddies. When they publish the pics of me and Michael Phelps toking the reefer together, then I will really have to worry! :)

Comment I think most people understand privacy (Score 1) 409

It is just a website. If it is something that you wouldn't share with the public on that type of site, you probably should not be using it for your "real" private conversations or things that happen to you that you would not want anyone to know. Like someone said, you can do that in person over coffee or a meal or in the privacy of your own home. When you have friends in California or another state, it is a convenient communication source.

It is just a friend site for most people. I don't see what the big deal is really about Facebook having information on my status update about how I am doing my dishes or errands, going to a play or out with friends. I certainly would not post anything on that site that an employer would look up and think was inappropriate. I doubt anyone would talk about anything remotely private on Facebook or MySpace, I think those are best left to talking about in person or over the phone or through email. Most people have lives really.

Comment Re:Back in my day... (Score 1) 66

Actually the average player is 31 and slightly depressed according to the data collected, I read that in the first article. A lot of the people only went online for about three hours a week to play, it doesn't sound that bad, seems like a substitute for TV. Sounds about right for online game playing, lots of bored people out there.

Comment Re:John Gault (Score 1) 258

I guess you have read Atlas Shrugged, it is worth my time? I thought the John Gault speech was decent. Maybe Ayn Rand is good in snippets. I guess you don't think so if she is a nut ball. :) She is very rigid in her thinking, I do agree with you. She is portrayed as being very rigid in the movie they made about her life. I think Angelina Jolie is slated to be in Atlas Shrugged. I don't see how anything that brings you pure joy could be considered selfish, and I don't mean instant gratification, prepackaged bullshit joy. I am taking about meaningful happiness. I wasn't brought up to feel guilty about being happy, maybe Ayn Rand was, who knows. I will see the movie when it comes out though with all of the other commie movie goers. :)

Comment Re:John Gault (Score 1) 258

I read parts of Atlas Shrugged about ten years ago and recently wanted to read it again about four or five months ago when I saw that a movie was made about Ayn Rand. I did not have the time while I was in school last semester and I certainly didn't remember the "Who is John Gault?" reference at all until I just googled it right now. It is on my list to read, but putting in 1,000 + pages of reading right now is probably not the best idea in my current circumstances.

Ayn Rand is very logical and her ideas on individuality seem sound, but the power of believing in yourself isn't any good if you don't have someone to share it with, so I can't get completely on board with her ideas and philosophy the little that I know of it. Sharing makes life worthwhile if it is heartfelt and willing.

I agree with not forcing people, but then I guess with how the world is now, you sort of have to force people to share with the state of things. Most people I meet have all of these agendas. I couldn't live my life that way, that is probably why I am not much of a success. LOL

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the speech.

Comment I thought you needed a warrant? (Score 1) 258

"There is no confidentiality left on the Internet if this ruling stands," said James Stribopoulos, a law professor.

I just can't believe this. I thought in the US you have to have a warrant to get an IP address info on subscribers. It is crazy dealing with traffic with savvy users, much less dealing with the people that change them, black hole them, then trace them again. I wouldn't want to have that job, it sounds exhausting.

It's sounds like the government is tired of playing cat and mouse to me with this kind of legislation put in place it will elevate some of the pressure I guess. Maybe they are trying to just clean up the internet, nab people. I read the first article so far.

Comment Re:Won't they ever learn? (Score 1) 73

I actually don't believe that. Some cats are receptive to training. Some cats can be toilet trained, trained to use a leash, jump through hoops. I think the younger the cat is the more of a chance you have to train them with treats to do these things, but it depends on the personality of the cat. I didn't know in Scotland that black cats were considered lucky, I have had two all black cats so far and they make really nice pets. They love to hunt and leave their carnage on your back steps or patios, at least the two black cats I had. I had a nice fenced in garden for one of them to roam in, so he spent a lot of time outdoors, so I was lucky he didn't leave my yard, but he killed a lot of birds and moles, even sometimes small rabbits etc. Moggies are beautiful, I think the PR thing is a little silly, but it would probably make the people passing by remember the game. This article makes me miss my cats.

Comment Re:WHAT ?? (Score 1) 183

Maybe if NASA decides to ever ask the Russians to get involved they will go to both Titan and Europa. I think the Russians are more into space tourism and building stations. I just think the average person would be more excited about space tourism than how Titan and Europa were created. It won't happen for another 10+ years according to the article anyway. I would assume that would give them enough time to take more pictures. I am not sure what the time frame is for the pictures to come back from those distances. Europa is closer, so I would assume it would be easier to make the trip there. Forward my link below if you can read it. I can, I thought it was funny Mr. or Ms. Geolegy and Bioligy. :)

If yuo can raed tihs, you hvae a sgtrane mnid, too. Can you raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

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