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Comment Re:Interesting people with my name (Score 1) 234

I doubt anyone would really cyber stalk me from here, more cyber annoy me to the point of kicking their ass so I think I am fine. The people on here would most likely send me grandma or lesbian porn spam because they think they are funny. They also might create a fake profile to befriend me or my boyfriend at the time to play email games. Another tactic a Slashdot type might take would be to break into my AIM account and write stupid crap and pretend to be me and generally embarrass the heck out of me. That is Slashdot's speed pretty much.

Nobody in their right mind would want my identity, I have shit credit after widowhood, I buy everything with cash. If someone tried to steal my credit life they would be SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED.

I am uncomfortable about the general public having my mortgage information though, I think that should be more personal, but it isn't.

Comment Re:Game! doesn't need your personal information (Score 1) 234

I don't know, I don't think most people are on private status. And really funny pics or reading someone's status doesn't really give you much insight into a person on Facebook.

I am not happy about the mortgage information online, but if it is public domain there is not much you can do. I would rather someone know that I am taking my dog for a walk or going to the grocery store before they knew how much I paid for a house, what my address is and what my social security number is through a scannable document.

Comment RE:"Freedom" of assembly (Score 1) 303

It seems that Facebook is just a quick means of getting the word out about how Gaza feels about a corrupt government and gives them a place to vent. What is really great is that people are actually using Facebook to organize protests against a corrupt government and a President that they obviously do not want. Sounds kind of like bitching about Bush really.

I keep waiting to hear of a buzz word for Facebook like myspace is called "cry space." Seriously, Facebook and Myspace are places to bitch sometimes which is good, people have to get the misery out somehow.

Comment Re:New COKE? (Score 1) 746

I actually looked it up because I was curious, I didn't think they had children at all. Bill does have three kids. I had no idea. He really fits the profile for a true capitalist despite him trying to give his money away to charities, they are tax write offs anyway probably to offset his huge assets.

He supposedly plans to give each of his three children 10 million a piece when he passes. He said by then he will have given most of his money away. Linus better get in line. Just kidding. I think he has a ton of money too despite being cut of a different ilk than Bill Gates.

Comment Re:New COKE? (Score 2, Interesting) 746

I don't know, I think the "so called" luster or salad days of Microsoft happened back in the 90's. They will never be amazing again, not that they were that amazing in the 90's when Windows 97 came out, LOL.

Bill's getting old and Melinda doesn't have too many good years left if any at all for a family. I am surprised he doesn't retire and have some babies. I guess he was happy with continuing with making his mark on history as a baby boomer philanthropist which is what I guess he thought would make his image work for this decade. I didn't get that whole deal.

I guess he is happier just working and making Slashdot/Linux people miserable or their source of amusement. He will need someone to carry on his legacy. Usually men with that much power and money want at least one child.

Comment Re:Make the source code free (Score 1) 746

I know this post will probably upset you a bit but in would not be practical for Microsoft to change their business model midstream which I am sure you understand, it is unfortunate that is the what happened with the computer industry in the past twenty years.

Maybe they will ease up and apply a "mixed" approach, but I doubt it. They started closed and will probably remain with a closed source code philosophy.

FOSS models can be commercialized and have been very successful at being open and making a profit. I think the reason Linux is not as popular as it should be is because no one knows about it and also I can't spend the time with it trying my own set up, it just isn't practical for the average user like me.

I would love to have a choice, just like I would love to be able to decide on on paying for only the channels on TV that I want to watch. I would save a ton of money and get rid of all the crap I don't need.

But Microsoft is in the business of making money, and yes screwing the average user over in general, but if you don't know that you are being screwed it really doesn't concern people. LOL

Most computer users are not savvy enough to realize it, or just don't care. Heck maybe there just need to be more companies like Canonical or Mozilla, etc. They will give Microsoft a run for it's money, who knows? Force them to change if the average user migrates to Ubuntu or Redhat in record numbers. That is probably what has to happen.

I just don't think Microsoft will ever change their business model because they don't have to, they are kind of vicious. Unless they are forced by the market to do so really.

I guess the answer is to try and change the market so drastically that they are forced to adopt an open source model. If that happened no one would even choose Microsoft anyway probably. And unless Microsoft grows a conscience (LOL) I doubt that will happen. Maybe Bill Gates will get less greedy and capitalistic in his old age.

-Risk perception has diverged from risk reality.-

Comment Ideas for Bill to regain some of his image (Score 1) 746

1. Start a rock band. 2. Donate all his money to Linus Torvalds 3. Become a World Series of Poker player and run with the circuit, if we saw him playing on TV, that would really get the word out about Windows 7. 4. Pose new for Playgirl. Yikes! :)

Maybe his staff should run these ideas by him and see what shakes out.

Comment Re:Not everyone hates Vista (Score 1) 746

Oops except for Netscape, yeah I forgot that it went under. But I think Excite and Lycos are still around. Either way, the computer industry is volatile and changes so much and too quickly. It is where the user is at now. Trying to get people to migrate to something new is a hard business! I think I am going to put some money in Twitter. I think that is the next big thing. Microsoft and maybe Google is as long term in the tech world as it gets it seems.

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