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Comment My experience with Joomla! (Score 1) 117

Joomla is nice, but I've found that as far as CMS's go, It's really hard to beat Drupal when it comes to sheer functionality. I've just spent a while throwing together a new Joomla website, but kept coming up on petty issues like user group handling and comments functionality. A lot of the Joomla Extension/Module developers have adopted capitalism in it's finest form, which is fine since I'm willing to spend a bit of money to save some time, however you will find your choices quite limited. Joomla styles have hands down been some of the best I've seen in a CMS, but that's not enough to keep most people's attention after they find themselves wrestling with the mundane details. Great CMS, but it still is a long way off from being my 1st choice yet.

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