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Comment Re:users? (Score 1) 311

oh? I also work on my car, home electronics & wiring, carpentry and even plumbing at times. so by your logic I'm an auto manufacturer, fabrication facility, housing contractor.....??

Then, think of yourself as a power user. Most "regular" user don't code fixes on their own computers, change their own oil, wire their own outlets, fix their own steps or their own plumbing.

I do those things too, but you understand that most people don't.


Comment Re:Keep it Vintage (Score 4, Interesting) 281

I'm into vintage firearms. I can't tell you how many times I've seen an old WWII or WWI vintage rifle that's worth next to nothing because some Bubba went and fucked it up. Guns that would be worth a lot of money if they were un-messed with are only worth a couple hundred dollars. I assume it's the same with most classic car collectors.


Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 1) 450

MPG Requirements were an average. Cadillac started producing little shitboxes to get their average up so that they could still make the big luxury cars that their customers wanted.

I think it's funny that light trucks were given an exemption and that lead, directly, to the rise in popularity of the SUV.


Comment Re:Buildings (Score 1) 450

We also discovered caves. Caves do a much better job of remaining a constant temperature than buildings. Buildings suck at keeping the cold out in the winter and the hot out in the summer.

Regardless, people didn't live their entire lives inside of buildings or caves. People had to go out and gather plants or hunt. In the days before refrigeration, that meant that even in even in the winter, people had to venture forth into the cold outdoors to get enough food to survive. Clothing wasn't a social convention, it was a necessary survival item. Try going outside in Boston this weekend without clothes and tell me how you're not suffering from hypothermia and it's just a social convention.

Much of Europe gets cold in the winter. Much of Europe can be uncomfortably cool, if you're nude during other part of the year. The same is true of Asia and north America, but those weren't the people who were shocked to discover naked savages when they "discovered" the rest of the world.

Clothing allowed people to live in areas that were too cold for them and it allowed for fair skinned people to venture into warmer places without constantly sunburning.


Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 2) 450

Pull your front tires off the ground launching at a red light and tell me nobody gives a damn about what you drive.

That's about perceived reckless driving, the car is immaterial.

And just as with guns, we take heat for kids in bone stock econo boxes dying while 'racing'. Cops look at you real hard for having _safety_ equipment in your street car. e.g. better brakes or a roll protection seam to imply horsepower. Not that there's no truth to that.

There's no comparison between a few individual power-tripping asshole cops giving you some hard looks, and the POTUS implying that you are responsible for dead children as he pushes to ban parts of your hobby.


Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 4, Insightful) 450

When the first cars came out people cared a great deal, and wanted flagmen to walk ahead of every really don't know the history of this.

Yeah yeah and buggy whip makers were upset that they were going to soon be out of work... That has nothing to do with the world of today.

Not about trying to cut down on gun crime, that's a ridiculous cover.

More people were killed with hammers last year than with the kinds of guns they want to prohibit.

Most gun violence is committed with handguns, but they know there is no political will to enact a handgun ban. Semiautomatic rifles are an easy target because the average person doesn't have a very good understanding of the difference between a military weapon and a civilian firearms that looks similar to one.

If you're a chess player, you learn to think about the moves to come. That's what we're doing.


Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 2) 450

I know nothing of the car crushings in Ontario. I know next to nothing of DOT approval of tires.

The other items, I'm at least nominally aware of. I do a lot of my own car maintenance and repairs. I have a 3rd Generation Camaro that I'm working (very slowly) on restoring.

We've avoided it getting quite as bad as the gun situation, where it becomes a top issue to world leaders, through self-policing.

No, you've avoided coming to the attention of the powers that be because nobody gives a damn about what you drive. There hasn't been 50 years of plotting and scheming to deny you the right to own a car. All of the bullshit regulations that you face are about squeezing a few more dollars out of the car fags, not about prohibition.


Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 5, Insightful) 450

I'm completely serious.

When is the last time Congress held hearings about limiting your right to own whatever car you want? When is the last time the President of the US went on a tour to promote his plan to curtail what car accessories you can own or buy?

There's no need for you to stand up and decry the ridiculousness of an onslaught of bullshit legislation. Gun enthusiasts don't have that option. There are people who've been trying for longer than either of us has been alive to strip the American people of the ability to own entire classes of firearms or even all classes of firearms. We take a stand, we make noise because we have no other choice.


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