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Comment Re:Similar Gay Boy Scout Ban (Score 1) 210

I might ask you the question of why you assume that a gay man is going to have sex with a child? If you are straight,, are you going to try to have sex with every feamale child you see? Do you assume Gay equals pedophile?

I do not assume that.
I am straight and I don't want to have sex with any female child.
I do not assume that gay equals pedophile.

I recognize that most pedophiles self-identify as heterosexual. I also recognize that a small subset of all people, heterosexual and homosexual, are pedophiles.

Even though I am not interested in little girls, I understand that it would be inappropriate for me to spend the weekend out in the woods with a troop of little girls. Not because of me being a threat, but because no heterosexual man should be in that position.


Comment Re:Similar Gay Boy Scout Ban (Score 1) 210

I'm not equating anything. I'm asking a simple question.

I have no sexual interest in 10 year old girls, I'm also not calling it discrimination and accusing people of bigotry for not wanting heterosexual men, like myself, to be out away from civilization in charge of young girls.

To recap. I am not a threat to 10 year old children of either gender. I'm also not naive. I understand that people who are interested in children seek out ways to get trusted access to them. Any heterosexual man would be looked at with suspicion if he were to make too much effort into gaining access to young girls. It's only normal to regard any gay man with suspicion if he's trying too hard to get access to little boys.


Comment Re:Political Correctness has no place in Kernel De (Score 1) 1501

That's precisely it.

A few years ago a friend used the term "retards" in reference to MD/MR people. I and another of our friend stopped him and started to explain why he shouldn't do that.

He got angry and started yelling "I'm not going to be all politically correct!" and I said to him "I'm not talking about being politically correct, I'm talking about not being an asshole."

Political correctness USED TO BE what we call common courtesy. There's a world of difference between the thought police and the pointless regulation of the minutiae of every day speech versus just plain not being an asshole.


Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

You are absolutely correct. This is about two other things.

1. Forced endorsement of their relationships. They want to legally require that everyone pretend that their domestic partner is their spouse. There is no such thing as same sex marriage. It's like legally mandating Santa Clause.

2. Crush dissent. We're starting to see this already. Bakers who have religious objections to baking cakes with two grooms are being sued for discrimination in public accommodations. That's why they want to co-opt marriage. Disagree with redefined marriage? Tough shit, if you do or say anything against it, they'll sue you into oblivion.


Comment Re:Probably won't last long (Score 1) 976

Distribution of information is also conduct. Conduct isn't protected by the first amendment.

The reason those newspapers weren't prosecuted is because they have the ability to return favors to the politicians who didn't prosecute them. Don't think for one minute that if they couldn't be pressured for some quid pro quo, they would have been treated the same way.


Comment Re:Probably won't last long (Score 1) 976

As I stated earlier, I'd produce a link.

It is here.

  • 115.00 Criminal facilitation in the fourth degree.
            A person is guilty of criminal facilitation in the fourth degree when, believing it probable that he is rendering aid:
            1. to a person who intends to commit a crime, he engages in conduct which provides such person with means or opportunity for the commission thereof and which in fact aids such person to commit a felony; or
            2. to a person under sixteen years of age who intends to engage in conduct which would constitute a crime, he, being over eighteen years of age, engages in conduct which provides such person with means or opportunity for the commission thereof and which in fact aids such person to commit a crime.

This is New York law. So this would apply to someone using this app to commit a crime in New York but other states have similar requirements, I'm just not going to give links to the criminal codes of the other 49 states to prove my point.


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