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Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

You are absolutely correct. This is about two other things.

1. Forced endorsement of their relationships. They want to legally require that everyone pretend that their domestic partner is their spouse. There is no such thing as same sex marriage. It's like legally mandating Santa Clause.

2. Crush dissent. We're starting to see this already. Bakers who have religious objections to baking cakes with two grooms are being sued for discrimination in public accommodations. That's why they want to co-opt marriage. Disagree with redefined marriage? Tough shit, if you do or say anything against it, they'll sue you into oblivion.


Comment Re:Probably won't last long (Score 1) 976

Distribution of information is also conduct. Conduct isn't protected by the first amendment.

The reason those newspapers weren't prosecuted is because they have the ability to return favors to the politicians who didn't prosecute them. Don't think for one minute that if they couldn't be pressured for some quid pro quo, they would have been treated the same way.


Comment Re:Probably won't last long (Score 1) 976

As I stated earlier, I'd produce a link.

It is here.

  • 115.00 Criminal facilitation in the fourth degree.
            A person is guilty of criminal facilitation in the fourth degree when, believing it probable that he is rendering aid:
            1. to a person who intends to commit a crime, he engages in conduct which provides such person with means or opportunity for the commission thereof and which in fact aids such person to commit a felony; or
            2. to a person under sixteen years of age who intends to engage in conduct which would constitute a crime, he, being over eighteen years of age, engages in conduct which provides such person with means or opportunity for the commission thereof and which in fact aids such person to commit a crime.

This is New York law. So this would apply to someone using this app to commit a crime in New York but other states have similar requirements, I'm just not going to give links to the criminal codes of the other 49 states to prove my point.


Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 2) 976

There are shooting incidents at inner city schools but not mass shootings.

A gang has a problem with a member of a rival gang or two drug dealers have a problem and someone gets shot. There aren't mass shootings because inner city schools are built with security in mind and often have an armed police presence.


Comment Re:Financial stability and mobility (Score 1) 1103

While at some point having a stable home is cheaper than the alternatives, his constantly overdrawing his checking account is, I feel, a separate issue from mobility, though I can understand why you/he has them conflated.

I left out an important detail. So I can understand why you'd see them as separate issues. The piece of information that I left out is that my friend's financial decision making have led him to live in his mother's house. His mobility could be regarded as a side-effect of his inability to purchase his own home or to get a lease.


Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 1) 1103

It's not my intention to be judgmental about anyone's circumstance.

I come from modest beginnings. I'm not the best handler of money. I have a friend who's a good example of what I'm talking about.

He and I are from very close parts of town. We both come from divorced homes. He went to art school and I went to college. We're both pretty good in our respective fields. He is over 40 with no children. I am 37 with several children.

Despite the fact that we had similar educational backgrounds, he can rarely go an entire month without overdrawing his bank account. I own my own home and he does not.

He's my friend so I don't judge him. I don't look down on him. I don't think this makes me a better person than him. It does make me more fiscally astute. On several occasions I have asked him why he doesn't make certain changes and the answer usually ends up being that he prefers his system of financial management to one with more stringent rules. He has the freedom to pick up and move whenever he wants to, while I do not.

Basically, people choose their own lives. There are pros and cons to every decision. Choose yours widely.


Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 4, Informative) 1103

The Nigerian scam still works on this principle. They send you a check drawn from a foreign or at least out of state bank. You deposit it and the check clears. One business day later all of the funds are available. If you're stupid enough to send them the money, when your bank finally figures out that the check was worthless, they back-charge your account. You end up several thousand dollars negative that you have to repay out of your own pocket.

Despite the instant clearing, this process can sometimes take 8 weeks to play out.


Comment Re:State of Oklahoma as well (Score 1) 1103

This is my money, the state and its corporate partner shouldn't be making money off me when I try to get it.

I just wanted to interject this: conservative or liberal, I hope we can all agree that big business colluding with big government is often times a recipe for bad things to happen.

I wholeheartedly agree. The problem I see is that many conservatives and liberals are all for government partnership with big business, when it suits them.


Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 5, Insightful) 1103

With all due respect sir, you don't know what my life and upbringing were like.

I've been luckier than many. Perhaps in some ways, I've been luckier than most. However, I have faced more than my fair share of hardship.

These are not perpetual infants that we're talking about. These are people who are presumably adults and are responsible for their own decisions, rational or not.
At some point, we become responsible for ourselves.


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