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Comment Re:Sorry kids... (Score 5, Insightful) 345

The internet changed EVERYTHING. You don't see it because you grew up with it, but those of us who didn't know the challenges of a teen back then. Putting all the run to the library to do a school report aside; finding a titty mag was better then finding gold. Now you kids just get to type in anything in Google and its tits and ass for life.

Its great your generation got access to such information, not just porn but all around the massive amount of information you have available to you, the only thing i request is that you respect what you have, because you have no idea what its like without it. Also in 30 years when i say get off my lawn, get off my fucking lawn.

Comment Re:NBC / weather channel / comcast has deep pocket (Score 0) 193

Don't bother with logic, the right wingers have no logic anymore. I say let them have there cuts, I hope he is on the east coast and suddenly wakes up to a hurricane taking out his home. It will be the 1800's all over again...good times. They can have there falling bridges, pot hole riddled streets, lead filled paint, disease riddled food and no weather satellites, I assume they wont complain as long as the rich have there tax cuts and a at least one war to justify the extra spending on the military. Me, ill be moving to Canada.

Comment Re:Meteor impacts (Score 1) 166

Well earths gravity is far more then the moon, so things near enough are far more attracted to the earth then the moon, in that sense, the moon is really small. Also, history shows us rarity of impacts, how many impacts have you observed in your life time? i cant think of one major moon impact i have ever heard about. I think your thinking in terms of earth based psychics, things are far far different in space. A good example is the way Jupiter protects earth from large asteroids, things are more attracted Jupiter and the sun then earth...impacts only really happen out of bad odds. The moon is a very small object in a really large space...

also, that 33 tons is dust mainly, and scattered all over the atmosphere...damaging meteorites is rare to see in the atmosphere (the fire balls) and even rarer to hit ground (last one was the Russia one that exploded and took out a bunch of trees, and it didn't even hit the ground)

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 2) 218

Nah, they would get sued.

they are going to force you to hook up a electrical cord to your mouse (fees for cord seperate from game) if they think you are pirating software they shock you. Sure, logically, anyone who has the special hardware would also have the game, but piracy is killing there sales and online DRM wasn't working so someone needs to do something.

Maybe they wont go that far, but i suspect the logic will not change, just the system.

Comment Re:Air resistance. (Score 1) 1184

Lets see....we just shot a rover to mars and landed it on a dime...without human intervention mind you..but we cant make a car that gets 54 MPG?...i have a hard time doubting that one.

While they not be related, my point is, we are a creative species full of endless possibility's if only we try

More then likely its oil company's that are saying 'we cant do it' while salivating at there ever growing numbers.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, UK has become Uncle Sam's lapdog (Score 1) 1065

I wouldnt consider our nation 'uncivilized' as more taken over by greed. Regan had this theory in the 80's, greed is good, turns out its only good for a few wide. We can thank Regan for this BS, the whole trickle down was his idea and it only kept going because the people who where benefiting from trickle down where also funding the elections, funny how that worked. Now are right wingers make Regan look like a ultra liberal, and apparently freedom of religion is only for christens, freedom of speech is only for corporations and from these latest ruling, freedom of search and seizure only applys if the cops think your doing nothing wrong, that works out good though because our private prisons get to make more money to 'trickle down.'

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