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Comment Dell Studio Hybrid (Score 1) 697

I've been running a Dell Studio Hybrid for 6 months. They're assembled from laptop parts so they're very low power. It's completely silent. It has a fan but I've never heard it. It's about the size of a mac mini and starts about $100 less. Looks very inconspicuous in the living room - more like stereo equipment than a computer.

I couldn't compare speed between it and the mac mini, but mine is running windows 7 (because I couldn't get Ubuntu to send sound through the HDMI to the TV) and 2 instances of Ubuntu simultaneously under Sun's Virtualbox and I've never had a speed problem except some sketchiness when running the blu-ray dvd player (regular dvd is fine, Hulu is fine).

It comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse that has a pretty good range - I use it from across the living room.

Comment Re:credit-unworthy or just greedy? (Score 1) 1259

Charging a higher interest rate for "credit-unworthy" people makes it more likely that they'll default, making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. This holds true for all borrowers.

That may be true at the level of the individual borrower, but the system of higher rates for lower quality credit evolved over time because it makes money for the lenders. The higher resultant default rates are part of the calculation when they determine the interest rates.

Comment Re:Barry's Fault (Score 1) 573

October 9, 2006, not 2008.

But honestly... are we going to debate whether a US president, sitting or past, is responsible for the actions of KJI? That guy is a nutjob and an egomaniac and to pretend that he's only that way because of the behavior of the US is dangerously naive.

Comment Re:Get out now (Score 1) 1055

Working for a defense company doing 9/80 - they claim to be saving tons of money on power and other services that they can cut on 9/80 Friday.

Personally, my productivity starts declining after lunch so it's difficult to make the case that they are squeezing more work out of me.

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