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Comment Re:Hang on (Score 2, Informative) 454

Each one of these files is supposed to be protected with a special digital key, so that if anyone attempts to change it, the card would be identifiable as a fake to any official with a digital chip reader.

To get round this hurdle, we recruited the help of another technology expert, Jeroen van Beek, an Amsterdam-based computer consultant who advises many top companies on digital security.

Drawing on the work of renowned New Zealand computer scientist Peter Gutmann, our team was able to alter the contents of each datagroup and then 'relock' them, so that the card would be accepted as genuine.

We had created a perfect fake chip. The Government's 'fail-safe' security had failed.

In other words, yes the government did really screw up.
On a side note, does slashdot have to link to a link to the article?

Comment "Odd"? (Score 1) 468

The article features the odd photographic juxtaposition of Cory Doctorow and Ursula K. Le Guin, who take opposite views on electronic editions, authorized or not.

Wait, covering both sides of the issue is "odd" now? What happened to journalists giving a balanced view of the issue being the norm?

Comment Re:A DRM ban clause should be added as a constitut (Score 1) 1127

I always used to agree with this line of thinking, but that's starting to change. Currently, under linux, my games menu is getting pretty full; Darwinia, Quake 4, Savage 2 and World of Goo have all got flawless linux ports; I can play pretty much every adventure game in scummvm; I can play every dos game in dosbox; I can play almost all works of interactive fiction (text adventures); and steam has just started working for me under wine. There are many other linux games I don't own, and I deliberately haven't included any of the myriad of open source games in my list. Linux is definitely a viable platform for games, and as game engines move more towards being cross platform (PC/Mac/XBOX/PS3 ala id tech 5) the cost of porting to linux is likely to fall.
Factor in the million flash games, web based games and people who only game on consoles and I think this traditional sticking point for windows might not last forever.

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