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Comment Re:Jack Thompson is already on the case (Score 1) 1719

I don't buy into this. Arguing over how many rounds a weapon may carry is irrelevant in a world where someone can stab thirty children (killing 8+) with a knife (in China a couple years ago)..

In Sandy Hook, only THREE people were admitted to the hospital. The rest, 20 Children ages 5 to 10 and six adults were dead...dead, as in killed. Now do the math against your incident in China.

Comment Re:Jack Thompson is already on the case (Score 1) 1719

It's clear the intent of the founding fathers was to provide the people with the ability to overthrow the government. If you only allow people to have sabres and muskets in this age that clearly isn't following the intent. Automatic weapons are necessary to even have a chance.

However, I think we should definitely consider whether that is still necessary. Our democracy has had a long history of success and we have resolved many tough issues peacefully. We should repeal the second amendment. That doesn't mean that all guns would be illegal, but it would mean the government has the power to regulate them.

Yes, our democracy has had a long history of success. Besides, a lot of good some handguns and automatic rifles would do against a tank or carpet-bombing by a B2-Bomber. :P

Comment I doubt it (Score 1) 333

As long as there are avid readers, I don't think tablets will kill off e-readers. However, I think both tablets AND e-readers may eventually kill off printed books. Back to the first argument...E-readers use e-ink which is easier on the eyes for extended periods of reading. E-readers also last much longer on a single battery charge...up to several weeks. Also, the multitude of apps and other functions in tablets and smartphones provide a plethora of distractions for even the casual reader. Most avid readers don't want those distractions. Whereas E-readers usually don't serve multiple purposes such as phone, email notification, calendar/appointment scheduler, web browser, weather app, etc.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

It has been conclusively shown again and again that the purpose of the second amendment is not to fight zombies, but to resist tyranny.

Back in colonial America, any citizen could easily obtain and wield the same level of firepower as any soldier. Not so today. I don't think your little pea-shooter has a chance against an M1A2-Abrams tank or a generous carpet-bombing by a B52-bomber. The 2nd Amendment is outdated.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

It would have taken one normal individual to stop this idiot.

Information is a little sketchy at the moment but so far, I've heard most of the shooting was centered in one classroom and the shooter was the 24 yr old son of one of the elementary school teachers. That's a school-room full of children and one teacher. Are you suggesting each of the children should carry firearms to school?

Comment copper? (Score 1) 735

we need to ask whether it is really sensible to power the 21st century by using an antiquated and vulnerable system of copper wires and wooden poles.

I may be mistaken but aren't most of those wires aluminum, or is that only true for the high voltage lines on the metal towers? Yes, copper is a better conductor but its also more expensive.

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